How the Cloud Changes Business

Business is no longer carried on as usual – cloud computing has completely changed the game and how companies run themselves. Business is no longer carried on as usual –

jessoaks11 jessoaks11 4 Min Read

Big Data Benefits versus Big Risks [VIDEO]

The recent revelations about the NSA’s secret program makes people aware of the world of big data and the thin line between the benefits and privacy concerns related to big

Datafloq Datafloq 1 Min Read
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The Promise and Perils of Text Analytics — Privacy

Text analytics may be the next wave of computer analysis. In contrast

GaryCokins GaryCokins 4 Min Read

An Interview with a Market Research Expert – Tom H. C. Anderson

Today I'm introducing a brand new series to my blog and you

Editor SDC Editor SDC 24 Min Read

A Year On: The Promise of SAP HANA for Big Data Analytics (Part One)

It’s a now a little over a year since SAP launched HANA

Yellowfin Yellowfin 6 Min Read

Amazon EC2 Considered Harmful

“The TruckNumber is the size of the smallest set of people in

Editor SDC Editor SDC 1 Min Read

Real-Time Interactive Data Visualization Tools Reshaping Modern Business

If the work of a human?s mind can be somehow represented, interactive

Ryan Kh Ryan Kh 5 Min Read

Oracle buys Haley

Copyright © 2008 James Taylor. Visit the original article at Oracle buys

JamesTaylor JamesTaylor 1 Min Read

Big Data converging Data and Content

Whatever about my concerns (and those of others) that the term big

Barry Devlin Barry Devlin 5 Min Read

Data Analysis Brings Different Sales Promotion in Festivals

Christmas just passed, New Year is on the way again. One special

JessicaQiu JessicaQiu 3 Min Read

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