Because It’s the Weekend: Curiosity’s Landing on Mars [VIDEO]

In 2004, NASA sent two rovers to Mars. Each rover had scheduled a three-month mission to explore the surface, after safely bouncing onto the surface of Mars in an cushion of airbag-like

DavidMSmith DavidMSmith 2 Min Read

Experts Warn AI And Social Engineering Lead To New Digital Scams

Cyberattacks are becoming more prevalent these days. A study by Juniper Research estimates that they will cost global companies $2 trillion in 2019! One of the reasons the cost is

Matt James Matt James 6 Min Read
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Why Bank Online?

As email marketers we need to engage our recipients in a dialogue,

SundeepKapur1 SundeepKapur1 3 Min Read

How IoT Can Be Connected to Business Intelligence

IoT solutions as well as Business Intelligence tools are widely used by

Ryan Kh Ryan Kh 6 Min Read

Big Data is the Biggest Gift to Real Estate Brokers in the Past Century

Big data is having a massive impact on the future of the

Larry Alton Larry Alton 8 Min Read

The intersection of change management and design thinking

When I read articles like Bruce Nussbaum’s, Life in Beta, I am

Editor SDC Editor SDC 4 Min Read

60 Minutes Got It Wrong: Data Brokers Aren’t Evil

Have you heard of About the Data? It’s a website that lets

TamaraDull TamaraDull 7 Min Read

Are Smart Data Lakes the Answer to Data Warehouses?

A phenomenal shift has occurred over the past few years in the

Sean Martin Sean Martin 5 Min Read

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