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Ryan Kh is an experienced blogger, digital content & social marketer. Founder of Catalyst For Business and contributor to search giants like Yahoo Finance, MSN. He is passionate about covering topics like big data, business intelligence, startups & entrepreneurship. Email: ryankh14@icloud.com
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10 Tips to Fight Against AI-Driven Ransomware Attacks

AI technology has led to a lot of promising benefits. Unfortunately, it…

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Why Spam Prevention is Crucial for for Data-Driven Business

There are many clear benefits of running a data-driven business. Unfortunately, those…

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AI Advances Are Reshaping Video Streaming Protocols

AI technology has been a gamechanger for the video streaming industry. Some…

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The Ethical Implications of Cryptocurrency: Balancing Innovation with Responsibility

The blockchain market was worth over $7 billion last year and is…

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Big Data & AI In Collision Course With IP Laws – A Complete Guide

Big data and AI are remarkable technologies transforming the face of industries,…

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IoT And Cloud Integration is the Future!

In the last decade, we've observed an immense surge in technological advancements.…

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IoT Security: What Kind of Data Is Compromised by Poorly Protected IoT Devices?

IoT devices enable you to adjust your thermostat before you get back…

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Empowering Parents With Big Data: Ensuring Child Safety And Development

The internet offers many benefits for kids. These include music, interactive games,…

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Improving Fleet Management with Blockchain Technology

As the logistics sector continues to expand and evolve, blockchain technology is…

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A Brief Primer On Monetizing & Unlocking Value From Healthcare Data

Put your thinking caps on and picture this—an undiscovered gold mine of…

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