Mark Harrington

Mark Harrington is a strategic advisor who guides founding and executive teams in overcoming challenges around strategic marketing, client retention, competitive differentiation and customer intelligence. His experience spans 25 years of strategically advising brands from Disney, Google, Toyota and Verizon to startups like, Ecount, Infonautics and ListenLogic. He's written for leading publications including Entrepreneur, CMO, Wired, MarketingProfs, CMSWire and Wise Marketer, catapulted an array of pioneering innovations, served on an array executive teams and been integral to exits to brands like eBay, Citi and Target worth upwards of $600MM. You can follow him at @mark_harrington on Twitter.
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No, You Don’t Need a Data Scientist Army to Understand Consumers

While the idea of customer loyalty by no means a new concept…

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