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AI Can Help Accelerate Development with Low-Code Frameworks

Artificial intelligence technology is significantly changing the software development profession. According to Github, 1.2 million developers already rely on artificial

Andre Jackson Andre Jackson 12 Min Read

Data Analytics Helps Marketers Make the Most of Instagram Stories

Big data technology has significantly changed the marketing profession over the last few years. One of the biggest changes brought

Alexander Bekker Alexander Bekker 15 Min Read

How Hospital Security Breaches Devastate Local Communities

Healthcare systems are enticing targets for cybercriminals. Private health information can net a large profit on the dark web, making

Ryan Ayers Ryan Ayers 7 Min Read

What to Know Before Recruiting an Analyst to Handle Company Data

The rate of growth at which world economies are growing and developing thanks to new technologies in information data and

Ryan Ayers Ryan Ayers 6 Min Read

Tackling Bias in AI Translation: A Data Perspective

The world of artificial intelligence (AI) is constantly changing, and we must be vigilant about the issue of bias in

Alexander Bekker Alexander Bekker 9 Min Read

Data Ethics: Safeguarding Privacy and Ensuring Responsible Data Practices

We live in a digital age, where data is the new currency. Every day, a massive amount of information is

Ryan Kh Ryan Kh 7 Min Read

8 Crucial Tips to Help SMEs Guard Against Data Breaches

With the ever-increasing number of cyber-attacks, small businesses must take steps to prevent data breaches. Data security is essential for

Allan Smith Allan Smith 10 Min Read
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