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Allan is an experienced blogger and he notes down his thoughts on a regular basis through his blog Day to Day Finance. At its core, writing is a part of communication. Allan loves to communicate with people via his write ups. He shares his thoughts, advices, tips, and tricks related to finance, marketing, lifestyle, and on many other topics which are closely related to daily life. He believes blogging helps a person to think deeper, which is the reason he loves to write so much.
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DPIAs’ Influence on Data Privacy Laws

Big data technology has had a lot of beneficial changes in recent…

Allan Smith Allan Smith 6 Min Read

Benefits of Data Management Regulations for Consumers & Businesses

Big data has led to a number of promising changes for consumers…

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5 AI Tools for Rocking Business Presentations

There are a lot of articles on making presentations about AI technology,…

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What is Angular Development in 2023?

AI technology is going to be a lot more important for developing…

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Business Management Systems for Data-Driven Businesses

Big data has become an invaluable aspect to most modern businesses. Nevertheless,…

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8 Crucial Tips to Help SMEs Guard Against Data Breaches

With the ever-increasing number of cyber-attacks, small businesses must take steps to…

Allan Smith Allan Smith 10 Min Read

Digital Transformation: How To Protect Your Organization From Cyber Risk

Cybersecurity is essential for any organization looking to stay competitive in today’s…

Allan Smith Allan Smith 14 Min Read

Key Strategies for Leveraging User Data for Content Marketing

Companies are spending nearly $30 billion a year on big data for…

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Online Traders Need to Take the Threats of Data Breaches Seriously

Data breaches in the financial sector have become a major concern for…

Allan Smith Allan Smith 12 Min Read

Top Five AI-Driven Digital Marketing Tools in 2023

We have seen some massive changes with AI technology in the past…

Allan Smith Allan Smith 6 Min Read