Integrating Data-Driven Network Marketing And Social Media In 2019

data-drive marketing tactics
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Big data is playing a more important role in the network marketing profession than ever. As we kick off 2019 with a bang, we are going to see a number of changes in the ways network marketers leverage big data. One of the biggest is in the implementation of social media marketing funnels.

Network Marketers Mine Social Media Data for Higher ROIs

Social media has grown a lot in the last decade. With the numbers reaching as high 3.02 billion in 2019, social media becomes the best platform to advertise your product and give it maximum reach. And reviews in business is the only way to reach the best-targeted audience of your business. Savvy marketers understand that social media campaigns don?t end with great content. They also involve using data to gain insight into customers. Network marketers have used data for a long time, so they are adapt at merging it into their social media strategies. So here are a few tips that will help you to increase your business through social media.

1. Let the curiosity begin.

Do not go around telling people which networking media are you from but let them be curious. The human brain works to satisfy curiosity so keep in mind to keep the curiosity brewing. How does big data come into play here? The best place to start is to harvest data on past marketing campaigns to see what type of content got the most attention.

2. Personalize with the public.

Personalizing with the public does not mean to unnecessarily spam people. This will not help you but will instead create a negative image in the mind of the people. Personalizing with people means knowing how to stand out on social media and do something different than what others are doing. For example, if you want to wish someone happy birthday then do not post on their wall but instead, send them a personalized message or a voice note. Personalization wouldn?t have been possible without sophisticated big data. Brands can use data to track customers across the Internet to gain deeper insights into their behavior. A study by IBM found that 72% of marketers use big data to create more personalized content.


3. Valuable content.

Provide the people with content that is not boring but interesting, entertaining, and which can grab the attention of the audience. Social awareness and social trends are a great way to increase your reach among the people. For example, participating in a good cause and sharing it with people would certainly help. Using big data to generate content involves many benefits. Big data is especially helpful for research. You can pull massive data archives to learn more about any subject to create content that is uniquely tailored to your audience.

4. Show ?yourself.?

Show who ?you? are. Not your dog or cat or even your company but you. People tend to be interested and interact with businesses that they can trust on and trust can only be gained by getting familiar to the people. Do not post a lot of official stuff on the page as it will only lead to people googling your company and finding out about it thus ending the curiosity and your chance to exposure. Big data is essential for transparency. This leads us to tip #5?

5. Do not include your company website link on social media.

This step is directly connected to the first tip in this article that is curiosity. If you put up the company link on the social media page then you kill the curiosity of the people by satisfying it. Let them know a little of your business and for more ask them to contact you so you have a smaller audience to connect to and appease. Share a story or a testimonial and ask the people to contact you through a phone number or personal messages.

6. Fan pages across social media.

Facebook does not allow personal pages to promote businesses, so having a fan page that is much needed to get that authentication and the market also tends to take up your business more seriously. Big data enables you to create more holistic marketing strategies to engage on social media.


7. Set out personal goals.

Setting out personal goals helps a lot. When these personal goals are achieved the satisfaction helps boost the morale and also keeps you busy as you achieve a milestone. Goals can be set as low as to reach 1-10 people daily and give them a good experience. Big data is essential for setting and tracking goals.

8. Keep your page updated.

Keep your page updated! To remain in the fast and pacing lives of people you got to match their pace thus you need to be updated and be on their feed to notice you in the first place. This can be done by changing your profile picture or taking a good cause and by getting into popular trends and be a part of them. Big data is surprisingly helpful here. You can use it to find pages that haven?t been updated frequently and adjust them as needed.

9. Make calls!

One of the most common things that makes up networking is to get on the phone with people to get that personal reach and create exposure. Surely social marketing is an excellent approach but all those likes and comments may go in vain if you do not interact with the people on personal levels. Calls are important to create a relationship with people. Big data is important here as well. You can use it to create a list of leads to engage with over the phone.

10. Be social.

People do not go on social media to view ads or testimonials but to get social, so to get an audience, start storytelling. Remember to offer value before you ask anything in return. The goal of social media is to attract attention and keep the curiosity. One should not use social media to advertise, but rather to use it to gain an audience that can lead to potential business. Big data is great for identifying key influencers to engage with, as well people that you have lost contact with.


Big Data and Social Media Mean Big Opportunities for Network Marketers

There are lots of ways that you can use big data in network marketing. You will find that social media is one of the biggest applications. You just need to make sure that your strategy is carefully optimized and use the right data resources.

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