Data Analytics Is Vital To Digital Marketing Training During Pandemic

Data analytics can help you improve and succeed at digital marketing training during pandemic. Here's what to know.

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Digital marketing is becoming more important during the pandemic. One study in the UK found that 65% of consumers increased spending during the crisis. Companies are investing more in digital marketing to respond to changing consumer behavior. Unfortunately, they have also found it difficult to train employees. Fortunately, new data analytics advances can help.

Data analytics technology is transforming the future of online education. Countless experts have discussed the relevance of big data for online universities. However, new analytics technology will be just as critical for online training of various careers. The digital marketing profession is a prime example. As a result, digital marketing training is becoming more popular.

Digital marketing companies have resorted to online training during the pandemic. This is one of the biggest trends in digital marketing. They have faced some challenges, which have been addressed with data analytics tools.

 How data analytics is disrupting the logistics of online education for digital marketing agencies

Springer published a whitepaper a couple of years ago about the role of big data in the online education industry. Karim Dahdouh, the lead author of the paper, talked in detail about many of the important ways that online education platforms are adopting new data technology solutions. This information is just as applicable to training programs for digital marketers as traditional educational programs. It is arguably more relevant, due to the data intensive nature of the digital marketing profession.

As Dahdouh and his colleagues point out, the volume of big data in the online education sector is growing exponentially every year. Digital marketing agencies are utilizing this data to get the most benefit from their training programs.

Digital marketing training platforms are using big data for various reasons, including:

  • Making actuarial decisions about the fitness of potential applicants. One of the biggest concerns that many marketing agencies face is finding candidates that will live up to the rigor and expectations of their company. Data analytics makes it easier to estimate the probability that a future digital marketer will thrive based on their resume.
  • Improving the financial efficiency of operations. Every digital marketing training program needs to get the highest possible ROI out of every asset. Online education platforms are no different. Data analytics helps them assess the cost structure of the business and find ways to get rid of waste and scale the most valuable resources.
  • Measuring the quality of instructors. Human capital is the most important asset in any organization. In the online education industry, the most important professionals are the instructors. Online education platforms need to determine the quality of their instructors, including those that teach online marketing courses. They can use data from applicant reviews, competency tests from new employees that have taken their courses and other critical data to gauge their effectiveness.  This data is vital for making sure that they have the right instructors on board. Data analytics also helps determine which courses in instructor is most qualified to teach and whether they need additional training to improve results.
  • Assessing employee performance in providing requisite feedback. Data analytics is most helpful for making sure that new marketers are meeting competency goals. Employee review systems have been in place for many years to see how employees perform on various educational benchmarks. However, they tend to provide rather shallow insights without additional context. Data analytics has made it easier for educational institutions to make more detailed observations about student performance.

Digital marketing training platforms require big data in 2020

Big data is incredibly important for many online education platforms. It is especially important for organizations that are trying to train professionals that work online, such as digital marketing experts. Digital marketers need to learn to use AI and other sophisticated solutions, which means they need more complex training.

This has become even more important during the pandemic. In the past, most marketing agencies had employees work on site. Since many businesses are in lockdown, they have been forced to train them remotely.

This has been a challenging learning curve for many companies that have been trying to train online marketing professionals. Fortunately, they have been more successful after utilizing data analytics.

Data analytics has been particularly helpful for training professionals that specialize in performance marketing. The effectiveness of performance marketing campaigns is far more objective than brand marketing, because they are measured in indisputable results. Data analytics has made it a lot easier to track these results, so companies can determine which marketers are performing best.

This provides very useful insights for digital marketing agencies. They can see where Newmarket is are succeeding and where they are struggling. They can adjust their training programs to each employee to make sure that they are improving on areas where they are weakest.

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