Mark Ross-Smith

Asia's #1 Airline Loyalty Data Expert.Formerly the Head of Loyalty with Malaysia Airlines & CEO in telco and hospitality businesses. Now helping travel organisations drive incremental revenue through big data & loyalty.
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How To Create A 360-Degree Customer View Using Data

How valuable would it be to know everything about your customer’s interactions…

Mark Ross-Smith Mark Ross-Smith 9 Min Read

How hotels are using data to generate new revenue

Hotel revenue management and use of analytics for room sales has remained…

Mark Ross-Smith Mark Ross-Smith 9 Min Read

How Airlines Measure Loyalty Using Big Data & Analytics

An ongoing debate in the loyalty world is what type of customer…

Mark Ross-Smith Mark Ross-Smith 10 Min Read

How to Segment Your Customer Database (Frequent Flyer Edition)

Step by step guide on implementing a customer segmentation solution - without…

Mark Ross-Smith Mark Ross-Smith 7 Min Read

Commercializing Big Data: Frequent Flyer Programs

I recently shared an article on how airlines are using information to…

Mark Ross-Smith Mark Ross-Smith 9 Min Read

How Big Data Is Changing the Way You Fly

As airlines and frequent flyer programs gather more intelligence on your day…

Mark Ross-Smith Mark Ross-Smith 13 Min Read