4 Spectacular Ways Conversational AI Improves Customer Experiences

Conversational AI is the newest technology that is shaping the field of customer service.

conversational AI in customer service
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You may not have heard of conversational AI in customer service. However, it is already making a big imprint on the industry. This year, companies spent $4.5 billion on AI for customer service applications.

The benefits of conversational AI are very clear. Providing a great customer experience is the core of every successful business. , In order to achieve this goal, you need to do whatever it takes to keep your customers happy. From resolving their queries quickly to providing the right recommendations, you’ve got to be able to do it all to enhance their experiences.

Sounds like a lot, right?

The good news is that conversational AI can take a big load off your shoulders. Technologies like chatbots make it possible to automate many of these processes. 

If used well, they can help you boost your efficiency and drastically improve your customer service strategy. 

In this post, let’s take a look at how conversational AI can help you improve the customer experiences you deliver.

4 Benefits of Conversational AI For Improving the Customer Experience

Regardless of your industry, conversational AI can help you improve your customer experience in multiple ways. It’s a technology that can completely transform the way you serve and interact with your customers.

Want to know how?

Massive Benefits of Conversation AI

Here are some of the benefits you can reap from conversational AI.

1. Quick Customer Service

Think about the time when you had to wait for a long time to get connected to a customer service representative to get a query solved. 

Wasn’t it frustrating?

Long waiting times can be annoying for customers. 

If you want to provide a good shopping experience, you need to ensure that you can resolve their queries quickly and efficiently. Fortunately, conversational AI technology can be incredibly helpful in this regard.

That’s where intelligent chatbots come into the picture.

They can be available to tackle customer queries 24/7. If you cater to customers from different time zones, chatbots can be a big savior.

Not only do they reduce the wait time but also prevent lengthy to-and-fro conversations via email. With chatbots, you can provide quick customer service easily.

To get started, all you need to do is pick a chatbot platform that is suitable for your business needs. Most of these platforms also provide multiple customization features.

For instance, Mastercard uses AI-powered chatbots to help customers keep track of their spending, balances, and more. 

Without having to call a representative, users can get such details directly by asking the chatbot relevant questions.

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2. Engage Social Media Users

When it comes to customer experience, convenience is everything. What if social media users could directly place an order or browse through your products without having to switch platforms?

With AI-driven chatbots, it’s possible to do that.

Bots on Facebook Messenger, Kik, and other platforms can engage users easily. They make it possible for you to make inroads into social media and boost your reach.

Through bots on social media platforms, you can also generate leads and promote your products in a non-intrusive manner. Furthermore, you can help users book appointments or order food directly through a chatbot.

You can take inspiration from Pizza Hut’s chatbot.

As you can see in the screenshot below, users can easily place orders and even check out the latest deals via their Messenger bot. 

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Not only have they simplified the entire ordering experience, but they have also made it easier for customers to get more information about their pizzas.

It’s a big boost for brand awareness, customer engagement, as well as customer service. Without even moving from their couch or having to go to a special website, users can browse through their menu and place an order via social media. 

3. Provide Product Recommendations 

High-end stores often employ shopping assistants to help shoppers find what they are looking for. They even offer fashion advice so that shoppers can find the best outfits and accessories based on their tastes.

When it comes to virtual shopping, chatbots can fill in that role. They can ask questions to users to gauge their tastes, budgets, and requirements. By providing relevant suggestions, they can find something that they might like more easily.

For businesses in the fashion and beauty industry, this assistance can make a big difference and help improve the customer journey. For enhanced convenience, you can design social media bots that have this feature.

H&M’s chatbot on Kik provides shopping assistance to users. 

After asking a series of questions, the chatbot provides outfit suggestions and combinations that the user might like. These suggestions are also personalized based on the user’s answers, so as to elevate the shopping experience.

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The added benefit here is that the chatbot puts together an entire outfit for the user. 

Without being intrusive or aggressive with your promotion, you can advertise multiple products together. It’s a smart way to cross-sell your products.

4. Provide Benefits for Loyalty

Everyone loves to be appreciated, including your customers. 

You can offer them special rewards or discounts to make them feel special for buying from your brand. Such deals and rewards can go a long way to boost your customer loyalty and retention rate.

Chatbots can help you introduce your customers to the benefits of your loyalty programs. It’s a great way to build a tight-knit community virtually.

Marriott International, one of the largest brands worldwide in the hospitality industry, uses Messenger bots for their loyalty programs. 

Through their chatbot, users can collect loyalty points for their stays and redeem them in the future.

Additionally, users can also check details related to their bookings, upcoming holidays, and their available offers. If required, the bot can also connect them to Marriott’s customer service representatives. 

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Ready to Leverage Conversational AI?

Conversational AI is here to change the way we communicate with our customers. From answering common queries to providing personalized recommendations and the latest offer updates, chatbots can do it on your behalf.

From the customer’s point of view, it’s super convenient to get these facilities at the tap of a button. If you want to take your customer experiences to the next level, conversational AI is the way to go. 

Along with keeping your customers happy, conversational AI can also help you boost your efficiency and productivity.

Do you have any questions about leveraging conversational AI for your business? Please mention them in the comments section below.

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