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Sentiment Analysis Vital to Business Intelligence

For any company worth its salt, optimal business intelligence relies on having…

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A Social Media Listening Post – Closing the Feedback Loop

With businesses becoming increasingly sensitive to customer opinion of their brand, monitoring…

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Social Media Analytics: Performance Measurement Done Right

By Philip Resnik, Ph.D. Lead Scientist at Converseon & ConveyAPI.

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Sentiment Analysis Symposium call for speakers, and free videos from New York

The Call for Speakers is open for the next Sentiment Analysis Symposium, slated…

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Big Data Bubbles Up Trouble!

Today Big Data has made the impossible, possible. Collecting and analyzing unstructured data types…

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Big Data, Unstructured Information Analysis is More Than Sentiment.

What started many years ago as a driver for a new generation…

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Using Sentiment to Understand Your Consumer & Your Competitors

One of our senior analysts, Peter Knoblock, wrote up a great post…

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Find Value in Online/Social Text and Sentiment: Free Report, Conferences

This is a quick entry to tell you about three things ---…

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WayIn Adds Another Dimension to Polling

77% of respondents think my bear can get into law school, but…

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Mining for consumer behavior in Tweets

In the previous post we discussed the first steps necessary to understand…

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