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Driving Web Sales with Big Data and Personalization

Website personalization and using big data to drive online sales specifically is…

Annie Qureshi Annie Qureshi 8 Min Read

3 Ways that Big Data is Transforming the eCommerce Sector

The eCommerce sector has undergone massive changes over the past few years.…

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Why This Cloud ERP Provider Is Getting Interested in eCommerce

If you have been following the ERP space closely, it is tough…

Anand Anand 6 Min Read

No More Outages: How to Stabilise Your Ecommerce IT Environment

Implementing a standard operating environment is the key to avoiding outages in…

LinuxIT LinuxIT 4 Min Read

Big Data and the Demise of Analog Retail

The CEO of Best Buy has abruptly stepped down.

gilpress gilpress 5 Min Read

E-commerce Doesn’t Stop for Christmas

 Christmas Day had its diversions: For some, there was basketball, while for…

JackMason JackMason 1 Min Read

Modern eCommerce, or is that just next gen commerce?

In the late 1990's sticking an "e" in front of anything was…

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ISO TC 184/SC 4 Conference in Canada

The developers of ISO Standard for Industrial Data and Data Quality are…

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