How To Refresh Your Gaming Lineup And Accept The Future of AI Gaming

future of AI in gaming industry
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It is all too easy to fall into the trap of only playing games in a certain genre or sinking hundreds of hours into just one game. While this can be an absolute blast, too much of a good thing can easily lead to fatigue, boredom, or exhaustion. Throw in the addition of AI-powered games, and we are now in a whole new world of gaming engagement and decisions ahead of us.

To keep your passion for video games alive and well, it is essential that you regularly change things up. There are so many incredible gaming experiences available, so it is silly to limit yourself to a single title or genre. Below, we will discuss things you can do to refresh your gaming lineup and how big data is improving the industry.

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MMO, short for a massively multiplayer online game, is an online game with a huge gaming population, generally in the hundreds of thousands of players, who all play on the same server. Such games can be played on PC, console, or mobile and are typically huge open world settings.

The most popular MMO is obviously ‘World of Warcraft,’ which, despite being released in 2004, still has a huge user base in the millions of players. In recent years AI has taken significant strides in overhauling MMOs, especially in improving NPCs (Non-playable characters).

As deep learning continues to evolve, MMOs will only become more realistic, enthralling, and entertaining. If WOW isn’t for you, consider checking out games such as Guild Wars 2 or Elder Scrolls Online.

Action Adventure Games

Action-adventure games are probably the broadest and most popular genre of video game, so if you do not already have these in your gaming line up, you are missing out on some incredible gameplay, worldbuilding, and storytelling.

Such games are typically open world games with massive maps. In these, characters can typically stick to the main story missions or simply explore the wide world around them. Rockstar Games, creators of Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption 2, or CD Projekt Red, creators of the Witcher Series, have made some of the most memorable and best-selling games ever created.

In recent years, big data has improved the gaming experience in major ways. With technology continually advancing, it will only continue to improve these must-add hybrid games.

Try Different Consoles or Gaming Rigs

Some gamers limit themselves to playing on only one type of console. This may come from loyalty or simply for economic reasons since consoles are expensive. However, if you have the expendable income, you do yourself a disservice by not trying out other consoles.

Many consoles have games that are exclusive to that console; Xbox had the formative FPS Halo series, PlayStation had Naughty Dog’s incredibly moving ‘Last of Us.’ As big data has boosted the gaming industry, such exclusive games have been optimized to be even better experiences and bigger draws to these platforms.

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Try PC Gaming

When it comes to performance and getting the most out of a game’s graphics, no platform is more powerful than a PC. There is a reason why PC users call themselves the, “PC Master Race of gaming.” Custom gaming rigs can pack a powerful punch when it comes to processing speeds and graphics interfaces that far surpass a console’s limited ability.

The PC online gaming industry has used big data analytics to grow and improve over the past decade. So, if you do not already have a gaming computer, it might be wise to save up money so that you can purchase yourself a powerful custom desktop. Like consoles, there are certain games that are exclusive to PC or that simply do not look as good or run as well on a console as they do on a PC.

While most older gamers are used to what console gaming has to offer, it’s likely the PC, Desktop, and Mobile games that are going to have the most AI-functionality and fastest updates. This is also where we are seeing most of the money pouring into when it comes to game development and marketing.

Mobile Gaming

While mobile does not present anywhere near the power and capability of a PC or console game, there are still fantastic mobile games that are perfect for when you are on-the-go.

Big data has helped mobile gaming companies continue to improve and innovate the mobile gaming industry, creating games that are fun, interactive, and quite impressive for being powered by just a cellphone.

If you want to prevent your gaming experience from growing stale, maintain an open mind towards new gaming opportunities. Follow this advice and check out the various gaming communities and YouTube channels. These will provide recommendations on the best games or gaming practices to help you refresh your gaming lineup.

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