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I'm Kristel. Entrepreneur tech blogger and social media expert, who also specializes in connected online influencers and big brands through original content, round ups and interviews.
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Can Machine Learning Address Risk Parity Concerns?

Here at Smart Data Collective, we have blogged extensively about the changes…

Kristel Staci Kristel Staci 14 Min Read

6 Ingenious Data-Driven Marketing Ideas for CBD Brands

We recently talked about the incredible benefits of using AI in the…

Kristel Staci Kristel Staci 12 Min Read

The Powerful Role of Big Data In The Healthcare Industry

The healthcare system is not only one of the largest industries. It…

Kristel Staci Kristel Staci 8 Min Read

Fascinating Ways AI is Intersecting with Video Marketing

Smart Data Collective has published a number of articles on the impact…

Kristel Staci Kristel Staci 7 Min Read