How AI Is Helping New Startups Succeed

AI has the potential to make businesses more profitable and easier to run.

Artificial intelligence or AI is beginning to have a large impact on businesses of all sizes. Startup businesses are also taking part in the AI revolution. The importance of AI in today’s business world cannot be overstated. This article will explore the ways in which AI technology can help your startup business succeed.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

While only 33 percent of consumers believe that they are currently using a device or service enabled by AI, 77 percent are actually using it. AI has become seamlessly integrated into many of the consumer electronics and websites that are in common usage today.

The autocomplete function on today’s computers and smartphones relies on AI. So do digital assistants that take the place of human chat operators on your favorite websites.

Artificial intelligence was first used in the 1950s. It can also be referred to as machine learning, cognitive computing, or deep learning. The concept of AI breaks down to the ability of a machine to imitate the intelligent behavior of a human.


AI allows companies to program computers or machines to respond to user queries with human-like intelligence. By using big data and setting algorithms to deal with user input, the AI system is able to use processes based on human neural networks to provide responses.

How Your Startup Can Benefit from AI

It may seem like artificial intelligence is the purview of huge companies like Tesla, Google, and Apple. As large corporations invest in the development of AI, they make it easier for small companies and startups to take advantage of it.

Better Email Marketing Capabilities

AI has been part of marketing for years. AI marketing is a fairly mature concept and an easy way to get started with developing new ways to use it.

Email marketing makes a huge impact on small businesses and startups. If your company is not already using email marketing, it is crucial to do so.


If you are running an online business, gathering emails is as easy as requiring customers to sign in to buy items. If your startup is brick-and-mortar, you can collect emails at the point of sale.

Popular AI platforms like MailChimp can be used to segment your email marketing list based on factors like purchase frequency or location. When you target your emails to certain groups of customers, you will find that you get better results.

Email automation is another key element of AI for startups. When customers take certain actions, the AI system runs its data through its algorithm and triggers a particular action. This means that AI is running in the background.

Reducing Repetitive and Mundane Tasks

AI systems can take the place of human employees when it comes to tedious processes like setting up meetings. The endless email back-and-forth between different parties is frustrating. AI personal assistants like are able to schedule meetings at mutually convenient times without effort.


Analyzing Your Activities

AI also helps companies analyze their actions and decide what is working versus what is not working. AI systems can parse the ways in which your employees are serving customers and tell them how they could improve their strategy.

If you want to sell on AWS marketplace, analyzing your activities using AI can be a huge help. AWS is a complicated system and any help that AI can provide is valuable.

Using Chatbots

If your team does not have enough customer support personnel for your website or a dedicated sales team, an AI chatbot may be the best solution for both problems. AI chatbots are able to process natural-language queries and offer customers the answers they are looking for. If the question is too complex for the chatbot, a human operator can be alerted to take over the chat.

Analyze Customer Behavior

One of the most important aspects of customer service is analyzing the behavior of visitors to your website. AI can help to make this process much easier. When you use AI’s insights into your customers’ behavior, you can seamlessly improve your website and tempt your customers to stay longer and buy more.


Help with Human Resources

HR is another area where artificial intelligence is beginning to make an impact. Many startups do not have the ability to hire a full-time HR staff and are instead asking team leads to complete this function. AI tools can help to analyze resumes and applications quickly and pull out the best prospects. Chatbots can automate the initial interview process so that humans can spend more time on the essentials of connecting with the applicants.

In Conclusion

Many small businesses and startups have resisted the pull of AI, but the technology is here to stay. No matter what your opinion of artificial intelligence may be, it is worth taking an open-minded look at how it can benefit your company and help your startup get off the ground.

Companies that want to sell on AWS marketplace are especially urged to use AI in their daily line of work. Real-time customer data and enhanced marketing can be a huge help in driving sales.


AI has the potential to make businesses more profitable and easier to run. It also simplifies people’s lives. These advantages make the use of AI a natural step for small and startup companies.


Annie Qureshi
Annie is a passionate writer and serial entrepreneur. She embraces ecommerce opportunities that go beyond profit, giving back to non-profits with a portion of the revenue she generates. She is significantly more productive when she has a cause that reaches beyond her pocketbook.