How Data Analytics and BI Pros Used Twitter in August

twitter2 photo (analytics and twitter)

Author:  Amanda Brandon
Spotfire Blogging Team

twitter2 photo (analytics and twitter)

Author:  Amanda Brandon
Spotfire Blogging Team

It’s just what you need for your first day back at work after the three-day weekend – all the key Twitter happenings in data analytics and BI for the month of August. This month, we’re looking at the consumerization of collaborative BI, several awards and a new acronym for collaborative BI.

Most Retweeted

David Menninger, VP of research at Ventana Research, wins the award this month with his blog post “The Consumerization of Collaborative BI Has Arrived.” The main idea of his article is that “there’s a big difference between analyzing social media data and collaborative BI.”

While social media is a collaborative technology, it’s just one more source of data. On the other hand, Menninger says, “Collaborative BI uses collaborative processes and technology to support and enhance an organization’s business intelligence activities.”

Best Twitter Handle

Databaseguru, also known as Carl Olofson, a data management analyst for IDC, not only has a cool handle, but also a cool tweet surrounding one of the big topics on Twitter this past month – Big Data. Here’s what he had to say: “I suspect that some of us have a Big Data definition but would not share it for fear of triggering a Big Data forum/debate.”

ReTweeter of the Month

Marty McDonald, an IT industry recruiter, shared a link to an article in Forbes about why companies like Spotfire are doing well. Thanks to Marty for sharing. Follow him if you’re looking for a job in the data analytics space.

News Source of the Month

BIAnalyticsNews is a Twitter news stream dedicated to all the analytics news you can use. This is a must-follow for anyone in the analytics or BI space.

CDM – Collaborative Decision Making

Another acronym for us to remember. But, hey, it’s a sign of progress when your industry coins a term for a process or technology. In this case, David Coleman, co-author of Collaboration 2.0, alerted us to collaborative decision making, or CDM, as another way of explaining collaborative BI.

A Social BI Irregular Follow

Dion Hinchcliffe, an enterprise architect and consultant in the social business space, is rather interesting. Hinchcliffe has a thought-provoking piece on social business intelligence at the blog where we found him – Enterprise Irregulars – worth checking out.

The Modern IT Message

Eric Knorr, editor of the Modernizing IT blog at InfoWorld, is a good follow because he’s got it going on with the message to IT that it needs to pay attention to this cloud stuff the business side of the house is talking about. Some good posts from August to check out are “Message to IT: Modernize or Else” and “The Real State of the Cloud, 2011.”

As always here’s our August list of data analytics folks to follow:


Amanda Brandon
Spotfire Blogging Team