How Data Analysts and BI Professionals Use Twitter

twitter follow friday photo (analytics and twitter)

twitter follow friday photo (analytics and twitter)

When most people think of data analytics and Twitter, they think of using analytics to understand the value of Twitter.  But to the data analytics or business intelligence professional “analytics and Twitter” means something entirely different: Twitter is a valuable, real-time source of information on the state of the analytics and business intelligence industry.

Much of the analytics news, insight and data on Twitter is driven by industry analysts – both independents and those associated with large analyst firms.  They share opinions, interact with each other, and report from industry conferences. 

For example, in mid-to-late September alone, business intelligence and analytics analysts attended and Tweeted about: IBM Cognos’ Business Analytics Summit, HR Technology Conference (workforce analytics), Cognizant’s Business Intelligence Confluence event and more.  The value to the “average” analytics professional is they can watch the Twitter stream and follow hashtags and glean a great deal of information without attending said event.

One of the most valuable uses of Twitter is to look at trending topics in the world of analytics.  Boiling up are two with very intriguing consequences: Social BI /analytics and the intersection and integration of mobile (including tablet) technology and business intelligence/analytics.  To follow these conversations, you may want to follow James Kobielus (social) and Howard Dresner (mobile).

New to discussing analytics on Twitter, but neither new to analytics or Twitter is David Menninger.  David recently joined Ventana Research covering analytics, business intelligence and information management.  He’s someone to follow.

Another prolific Twitterer with deep insights into analytics is Shawn Rogers of Enterprise Management Associates.  Shawn attends many industry events and shares what’s going on with his followers.  Shawn’s insights range from analysis on big vendors in the analytics and business intelligence space, to smaller vendors, to thoughts on how social media data will be incorporated into enterprise analytics and business intelligence.

The list of who to follow and why is long.  The reason to follow is short: to learn the latest goings on in analytics.

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Keep in mind, this is not a complete list so there will be more on this topic and more #FF real soon.

So next time you use Google to do research on analytics, don’t forget to search Twitter as well.

Kelley Kassa
Spotfire Blogging Team

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