Big Data Is More Prevalent in Daily Life Than You Might Think

big data in our daily life
Shutterstock Licensed Photo - By amiak

According to Forbes magazine, “Two-and-a-half quintillion bytes of data are created daily.” Do you have the power to harness that data for your business? Marketing departments have replaced door-to-door surveys with online data and demographic collection, and every major business throughout the world uses some form of electronic customer relationship management. Big data is a part of everyone’s daily life, personally and professionally, and here are some reasons why this is so.

Providing Better Entertainment than Ever Before

Many people believed that big data was only used for hardcore business functions. It is used every day for marketing optimization, bolstering security and improving the cost effectiveness of shipping logistics. We cover these factors all the time on this site. But we don’t focus nearly enough on the entertainment benefits of big data.

Whether it’s listening to music, watching videos, or gaming, many people entertain themselves online. Naturally, online activities leave user footprints, and businesses harness that information and use it to customize the user experience of their current and potential customers. An example of this is the music streaming service Spotify. It collects user listening information and creates customized playlists on a regular basis it feels its customers will appreciate. Instant music gratification, and the customer didn’t have to lift a finger or browse through a ton of songs to select what he or she wants.

Big data is also helping the entertainment industry in less obvious ways. Many artists are using blockchain tools to protect their intellectual property rights, which is going to have a profound effect on the industry. By securing their rights, they will be more likely to produce excellent music in the years to come.

Improved Safety on Many Levels

Big data is improving public safety in remarkable ways. It is used for law enforcement, reducing traffic accidents, identifying potential natural disasters and much more. This helps companies create the appropriate contingency plans to keep their stakeholders safe.

Data scientist jobs in Los Angeles and throughout the globe use big data to keep people safe. Data scientists collect data that allows them to analyze and predict when crime might occur both on and offline. This information is crucial to local police, who use it to disperse officers where they are most needed. This helps officers and other emergency personnel save people’s lives, and it also helps them solve crimes. If you watch the news, you know that America is in the midst of huge foreign cyber threats, which proves that online crime can be as dangerous as offline crime. Big data helps stop crime. Many law enforcement officials use it for criminal profiling and collecting evidence to bring criminals to justice.

Making Shopping Much More Convenient

You know those customer recommendation emails you receive from your favorite online retailers? Big data help those retailers send them to you. While online shopping has changed the face of retail and effectively put many longstanding corporations out of business, it remains imperfect. In the case of online shopping, there is too much to sift through, and many customers get frustrated when they have to search for hours for the product they desire. Forbes confirms that retailers use big data to see what their customers buy and then send additional product recommendations.

Improving Health in Countless Ways

Finally, big data improves medical care throughout the world, which is pretty important if you think about it. With the digitalization of medical records, doctors and other healthcare professionals can keep track of their patients without an office visit. They can also help patients from afar. Many emergency medical professionals are using big data and technology to increase their ability to save lives, and global medical care not only allows practitioners to share knowledge with others but also to isolate and combat disease before it spreads to epidemic proportions.

How can your business use big data? This is the million-dollar question and one that is worth asking. When you harness the power of big data to improve your demographic research and customize your user experience, you harness the power of a tool that is boosting business, no matter the niche, worldwide. Big data is, well, big, and it’s here to stay.