3 Remarkable Big Data Platforms for Web Development

Want to incorporate big data into your web development process? Try one of these great platforms.

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Big data is changing the future of the digital commerce industry. A growing number of companies are using new big data initiatives to transform their business models in impressive ways.

One way that marketers are leaning on big data is with web development. Datafloq author Henna Ray has talked about the myriad of applications of big data in the web development field. Web designers are using big data in everything from heat map analysis to traffic optimization. 

Building an online presence for a business requires having a domain name and website developed. There are different ways to use big data to get this task completed, which can be done independently or with the assistance of a professional. As we mentioned in a previous post, AI and big data are critical to the future of web design.

Figuring Out and Registering a Domain

One of the first aspects associated with building a website is to figure out and register a domain. Registering a domain name using a company name may be easiest if it isn’t already taken. Otherwise, it’s best to use a name that isn’t too complex or commonly used, which can be attained at a registrar, like GoDaddy or Namecheap.

How can big data assist with this step? A number of data mining tools help identify unclaimed domains, as well as previously used domains that have been abandoned. Other big data tools allow marketers to assess the probability that a domain was on a blacklist with Google, so they can find quality domains with an existing link profile to boost their SEO.

Building a Beautiful and Intuitive Business Website

Making sure a beautiful and intuitive website gets built is essential when one of the main goals is to have people stay on a site and consume content. Three popular big data web design platforms can be used to complete this task, which include using Wix, Squarespace or WordPress.

1. Wix

Using Wix allows a business owner to build their website on Wix’s servers. Designing a website is done by dragging and dropping elements. Wix offers templates and tools to help. This choice is probably the simplest of the three to use as it requires no web design experience to use. As we previously mentioned, it is using predictive analytics to provide higher quality designs.

2. Squarespace

Squarespace also offers templates, but a custom design can be uploaded as well. Several of the templates have stock photographs that can be swapped out. This platform doesn’t use any external apps or plugins. Bloomberg has praised Squarespace for its use of AI and other big data tools.

3. WordPress

Utilizing WordPress gives the most freedom to create a custom design. Themes and plugins can be used to obtain the desired design and features. Several Fortune 500 companies use this content management system to provide their presence and branding on the web. WordPress is another pioneer in big data and uses it to optimize their customers’ websites.

Publishing and Marketing a Website

If a website is being used to attract new business and provide valuable content, it’s crucial to make sure it’s designed and optimized correctly. It won’t do a business much good to have a website built if it doesn’t attract visitors or keep them interested in the content that’s presented. Getting assistance by hiring a professional web designer and SEO professional might be your best bet, especially if a website is being used to obtain potential customers and get them interested in specific products or services. You need to make sure these experts use big data effectively.

Marketing and Maintenance Is Crucial

Building a website and maintaining it can be a costly endeavor for some businesses. Typically these costs come from capital raised, small business loans that the business took out, or done DIY on a very low budget. A website can be a major source of awareness and income, so consider your options for maintaining and growing your web presence like you would other forms of marketing.

Getting the right type of traffic to a website and keeping users there is extremely important. Having professional help with the design and marketing elements may be just what’s needed to become successful. If a small loan is required to get this task completed correctly, it will likely help provide a strong ROI and the profits a company desires.

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