How Wix Is Using Predictive Analytics To Deliver Top-Tier Websites

using predictive analytics
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Predictive analytics is the foundation of modern marketing. Companies rely on predictive analytics to:

  • Get a better understanding of customer behavior based on past data that has been collected
  • Use existing data sets to identify future trends that will influence the future of your business
  • Evaluate previous data repositories to identify threats and take corrective action

Web development platforms are recognizing the importance of incorporating predictive analytics into designs. Wix is one of the companies that has relied extensively on predictive analytics over the years.

Wix is a Pioneer in the Field of Predictive Analytics for Web Development

Wix has long boasted about its reliance on data to deliver the best services for its customers. They have merged Google Analytics data and other third-party data sources into their models to aid their customers. There are a number of reasons that Wix relies on predictive analytics to benefit customers. You should learn as much about it as possible.

How is Wix Using Predictive Analytics?

Why do certain brands get a lot of attention and why are customers able to trust them? The reason for the trust being built is as follows. You are actually looking for:

  • Versatility
  • Functionality
  • Brand success

If you get all these three then you are happy with the company that you use for creating your website for either personal use or company use. With the changes in the way marketing is done and a lot of focus being given to social media marketing and digital marketing and these being used as lead generation tools, it is important that we are able to put our best put forward in presenting the qualities of our company. Predictive analytics is solving these challenges. Websites built with Wix are not rare. In 2015, there were barely 1 million Wix websites. Today, that figure has grown. It has over 100 million users. Wix as a better option till very recently there was a thought that websites made from WordPress are the best and could blindly rely on the quality and uniqueness provided by them. But there is another option that is called Wix. So people now had other options and went for six websites.

Why Wix is the Best Big Data Based Website Platform

The reason for Wix being unique is that you are not provided with a standard template where you do some changes and manipulations and get a website ready. Here in Wix, you get to build your website with their software using their own tools and it is parked on their server. This means that Wix has lots of data on their servers, which makes their predictive analytics algorithms so much more valuable. So, there aren?t lots of bits and pieces of your whole website spread around at multiple places. Wix lets you purchase, complete the installation process and also manage your site under one roof. The best example of Wix websites is that of leasing an apartment complex. The infrastructure and building of the house are done by the owner but customizing it for your own use and designing as per your own ideas is your prerogative and you retain autonomy. Best yet, you have the benefits of their predictive analytics tools at your disposal.

Is there a free and a paid version for Wix?

Yes, there is a free plan that can be accessed, but only if you have a Wix subdomain. You also need to display ads related to Wix in order to be able to use Wix free plan. But you cannot expect to access full functionalities of Wix if you are planning to use the free plan. This means most predictive analytics features are unavailable. But you can access a customized domain and have access to full functionalities if you take the premium plan. If you want to access the premium plan and all of the big data features, you obviously have to pay.

What is it that needs to be paid to access the full version?

There are multiple options provided to you to subscribe to the type of option you need. You can go to the website of Wix and chose the plan that suite and make the payment accordingly and start accessing the features that are available in that particular plan. Once your payment is done then you can access all the functionalities and create your own customized website designed and planned by you. How is the Site configuration and Onboarding mechanism of Wix? If you take a look at the backend process and the overall designing mechanism of Wix then you will find that it is fully functional to the core. With time they have done many changes to take out the rough edges and make it smoother but the basic legacy system remains the same. For example, the drag and drop facility provided actually helps you to drag and drop you in the real sense where and whenever you want in your website. The tools and the help guide along with the templates guide you to design a website as per your own idea and it is customized as you envisioned it to look. So you do not make any adjustments in your idea and get what you wanted to get in your website. Let us have a look at the List of Websites using Wix

  • Bentop Events
  • Integra
  • Mary and Bills
  • Louiza Photographe
  • Drew Surge
  • The Jomu Co
  • Aly Dalrymple
  • Dan Bettridge

The above listed are list a few samples of wide varieties of templates provided on the website of Wix. That means you are getting a list of websites using Wix. Please remember that out of these templates some are free and some are only paid versions. The free versions also have an option to use as a paid version if you are willing to use all the features that are not available in free version and make payment for it.

Summary of the Predictive Analytics Benefits of Using Wix

There are many reasons to use predictive analytics tools, which are provided by Wix. Some of the big data features it offers include:

  • Want to select and choose from the better option
  • If you are planning to use your website as a
  • lead generation tool.
  • If you want value for the money that you are ready to pay

Make sure that you are aware of them and take full advantage of them. Predictive analytics is very valuable and its benefits can?t be overlooked.


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