Re-cap of SugarCon Day 1

April 14, 2010

I literally flew in from Maui (via LA) and hopped on a train to get to Sugarcon on very little sleep.  I’ve never attended a Sugarcon event before but boy am I glad I did.  First of all I had the great pleasure of meeting with folks that I have been chatting with online but never met in person such as Paul Greenberg, Dr. Natalie, Bob Thompson, Mitch Lieberman, and Jesus Hoyos.  It was also great to see folks such as Sameer Patel, Oliver Marks, Jeremiah Owyang, Andrew Mueller, and others that I have had the pleasure of seeing at various events.  I attended some interesting sessions and will highlight the main keypoints of each in an easily digestible bullet pointed list.

Mitch Lieberman: Understanding the social customer:
  • Social CRM puts a focus on the customer whereas traditional CRM puts a focus on the company
  • The social customer is all about the power of  “me”
  • Social CRM is the extension of CRM to interact with the social customer.  This extension exists by process, culture, and technology.
  • Customers and their expectations have changed and so did the eco-system this companies must also change.  Can’t address customer