7 Data-Driven Steps to Putting Your SaaS Product On Multiple Virtual Shelves

Big data is changing the future of SaaS technology in countless ways, so SaaS publishers need to leverage it carefully.

big data in saas
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Big data is fundamental to the future of software development. A growing number of developers are finding ways to utilize data analytics to streamline technology rollouts.

Data-driven solutions are particularly important for SaaS technology. New SaaS businesses have discovered that data analytics is important for facilitating many aspects of their models. The global market for SaaS was worth $157 billion last year and will keep growing as new data analytics tools facilitate its success.

Big Data Technology is Pivotal to SaaS Deployments

If you run a small business, you may face some problems when you try to sell you software as a service (SaaS). This means you will need to work hard to get your product on virtual shelves if you want to make some money. If you don’t know where to start with this process, you should try these seven steps to work towards a successful SaaS.

Do Your Research with Data Mining

Before you can get your SaaS product on shelves, you need to make sure you prepare yourself. Preparing your product will take lots of effort and planning, but it will also increase your chances of success. This will include figuring out where you want to sell your product and the requirements you need to meet.

For example, if you want to sell on AWS marketplace, you will need to see what they expect from you. See if they offer guidelines or requirements to sell products. You should also look at other products on those sites to see what they do to make their various items stand out. From here, you can prepare your SaaS product based on these requirements.

Big data makes it a lot easier to research new opportunities. there are a lot of great big data repositories on customer desires and marketing trends. You need to use Hadoop tools to mine this data and find out more about your target customers and product requirements.

Outline Your Product with Deep Learning Modeling

You will also need to outline your product, which includes outlining your priorities. This means you need to figure out the most important changes you need to make to your product and work on them. For example, you should focus on the requirements sellers want you to meet.

An outline works well since you will know the order you should address those points. Keeping yourself organized plays an important role in the preparation process for your products. Due to this, you should create an outline beforehand to ensure you tackle those various tasks in the right order and based on priority.

Deep learning tools can make it easier to model these products. Many design tools have helped with design modeling for years. It will become even easier with deep learning algorithms at your fingertips.

Focus on Quality with Data Analytics

Going off of the previous point, you should focus on making your SaaS product a high-quality item. If you create a low-quality product, sellers won’t want to distribute that item on their shops. Since a poor item would reflect on the company itself, you won’t find any good sellers if you don’t make a good product.

This means you need to put heavy emphasis on making your product as good as possible. If you make a high-quality product, you will draw more attention to the software. As potential customers and others show interest in your product, you will gain the attention of sellers, which could help you get your SaaS product on virtual shelves.

This is one of the most important reasons that big data is important in SaaS. There are a lot of metrics that need to be tracked with data analytics tools.

Make Sure Your Product Works with AI Testing

However, working on your product and making it high quality won’t be enough: your product needs to work. Nobody wants to sell a faulty product, or one that feels incomplete, so you should finish the product before you pitch it. Otherwise, your business will come across as unprepared and even lazy.

In short, making sure your product works means it should be ready for anyone to start using as soon as you sell it. If possible, you should finish it before pitching it to retailers if you want to increase your chances. This way, you can directly show them how the product functions, so this could encourage them to work with you.

AI makes it easier to simulate your products. You can see how they are likely to perform in the real world, which saves you a lot of time on beta testing and troubleshooting.

Contact Other Companies

Once you prepare your SaaS product, and you feel like it’s in a working condition, you can start contacting companies about it. Go back to the sellers you came across in your research and gauge their potential interest in your product. From here, you can contact those companies to find out if they will sell your product.

Make sure you contact them with your official business information to build up your overall reputation. You should also contact businesses with their preferred method. For example, if a business’ website mentions calling them, then you should call them. This will vary depending on the company, so you need to figure out the preferred communication method for each one.

Use Social Media

When it comes to an online presence, you will spread it quickly if you take advantage of social media. Social media is a great place to spread news about your business and SaaS product to gain more attention. After all, people won’t buy your software if you don’t share it with people, so you need to spread the word as much as you can.

Not only can you share information about your product with customers, but you can also use it to interact with other companies. You should follow companies on social media platforms and talk with them about your product. You can also use the interest on social media as a selling point to get your product on their websites.

Continue to Expand and Network

Even if people don’t sell your product, or you do find some sellers, you should continue to expand and build your network. For example, you can continue to talk about your SaaS product on social media while you contact other businesses. After all, you want to give your product to as many sellers as possible.

Expanding your SaaS product isn’t something you do one time. You should continue to work on your selling options, your contacts and expand your network. Otherwise, you won’t maximize your sales since people won’t know about your software. In short, you need to keep working at it and focus on finding more people to purchase your software.

If you plan to sell on AWS marketplace, or with similar online retailers, you will need to prepare your SaaS product. After all, businesses want to make sure they sell products that will make money, so you should follow these steps to get your product ready. That way, you can get your SaaS product on multiple virtual shelves to increase your profits and success.

Big Data is Important for SaaS Publishers

As an SaaS company, you are going to need to rely heavily on big data. Data technology has made SaaS platforms far more efficient and created higher quality products. You should stay on top of the latest developments in big data technology and use them to your full advantage.

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