Developers’ Outlook On Artificial Intelligence In 2018

Packt, the leading UK provider of technology/coding books and courses, conducted a survey in August 2018 to know what AI actually means to people in software. Who’s using it? What are they doing with it and how it will impact them in the present and future?

The findings here are based on responses from 2,800+ technology professionals from around the world and details developer attitudes and perspectives on artificial intelligence in 2018.

Key findings:

• With just about every area apparently facing disruption thanks to AI, and with the trend so heavily hyped, it is necessary to know how organizations are actually using artificial intelligence

• Majority of the respondents mentioned AI is used in their organizations to improve internal operations and develop customer facing tools


AI at Work

• TensorFlow comes out as the top tool that were most listed among the other tools, people were planning on learning – it was the top tool for 27% of survey respondents

• However it’s also interesting to see the top cloud platforms in the mix as well. Clearly cloud is playing an important part in making artificial intelligence more accessible to engineers from across the tech landscape

Top 10 topics learning

• One of the most important issues to emerge in conversation around artificial intelligence is bias. In the context of broader questions around ethics in tech and engineering, the way that algorithms are constructed and contain the implicit biases of those engineering have been thrown into the spotlight


• Here is what people in the tech industry felt about the bias. It’s hard to discern a clear trend – there’s an even spread of concern

Bias in Artificial Intelligence

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Richard Gall is co-editor of the Packt Hub. He’s interested in politics, tech culture, and how software is being used by modern businesses.