Modern Marketers Combining Big Data with Yahoo Answers for Viral Traffic

Yahoo Answers is an old traffic source that is still useful to this day. Big data has made it easier to get the most of this traffic.

Sean Parker
January 8, 2020
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Big data is paving the door for new marketing opportunities in 2020. It is also bringing old marketing strategies to life.

A number of marketers are using big data in conjunction with Yahoo Answers. You might be surprised by how brilliant of a strategy this could be.

Utilizing Big Data with Yahoo Answers for Rapid Traffic

Drawing traffic to a website with the help of Yahoo Answers may rise controversy among marketers. While some professionals believe that using Yahoo Answers is an amazing opportunity everyone should jump at instantly, others may claim it’s just a waste of time and it’s better to use Quora instead.

However, big data has made it easier to create a successful approach to using Yahoo Answers. You can find that there are a lot of ways to trigger the spam filter or pursue the wrong posts, but big data has made it easier to deal with these issues.

To provide you with a comprehensive answer, we’ve researched the issue ourselves. We found out that it all depends on how you do it. If you build the backlinks smart, you will boost your traffic and moreover, improve your brand awareness. On the other hand, this strategy may bring your business nothing if used wrong. So, here’s a quick guide on how to benefit from using Yahoo! Answers and what mistakes to avoid. We will cover some general tips and follow up with some tips specific with big data opportunities.

1. Don’t spam with links

First and foremost, if you leave one-liner spam links like “Sign up to my website” or “Find it here”, your answer won’t be rated as a good one, for one thing. For another, it won’t attract users as such an approach doesn’t give them what they came for – answers to the questions that have been bothering them.

You can use URL in your signature or organically interweave the link into your answer. Some essay writing companies use this method for self-promotion, as it’s one of the most unobtrusive ways to promote a link on Yahoo Answers (you can read more here). For example, you’ve left a comprehensive answer and at the end of it you may tell that there’s even more on the topic (if a person wants to investigate more) and leave a link to your website.

2. Build up Your Yahoo! Answers Score

If you want your answers to be rated high and as a result your links to be working, one needs to maintain their Yahoo profile. To do so you’ll need to dedicate at least 60 minutes a day answering questions. What is more, your replies should be truly great and informative. There’s a trick to choose questions with the least number of replies, so that it will be easier to be ranked high. In addition to that, look for questions that will rank high for your keywords.

3. Test it

This is one of the biggest ways that big data can be important. You can use big data to improve the testing process with any strategy. Using Yahoo! Answers is no exception.

In order not to waste time and then see it was all for nothing, test Yahoo! Answers strategy (whether it’s working for you). Choose your niche, answer the questions, input URL naturally into your answers and do so for at least 10 days. Then you can examine the results. Compare the traffic and analyze whether you’ve driven any free traffic from Yahoo. What is more, put some thought into how much energy you invest in this activity and whether it’s efficient or not. To succeed in something, you’ll need to go through trial and errors.

As a bonus we’ve prepared some info why using Yahoo answers may turn out to be truly productive experience. We’ve singled out the three benefits that you can enjoy if you try out building backlinks this way. Here they are.

Firstly, the majority of users these days always look for the answers on the Internet, whether they’re making a DIY Christmas costume or buying a new phone. That is why, as an entrepreneur you should benefit from this by answering the troubling questions and guide them to your business as the best solution to their problem. Yahoo answers offers best answers, and you can offer the top answer in your niche.

Secondly, backlinks at Yahoo are regarded as quality ones by Google. For this reason, once your answer is rated high, your website will have more quality backlinks and as a result it will improve your traffic.

Finally, a high-scored account of your business at Yahoo shows that you care about your customers’ troubles and are ready to help. This is how your brand awareness rises and consequently your sales are boosting.

We hope this article was useful for you, and we’ve helped you make up your mind on whether to use Yahoo as the source to build backlinks for your website or not. Still, remember that as any marketing technique it requires testing, so make sure you experiment and see how it’s working for your business in particular.

4. See How to Avoid Tripping the Spam Filter with Big Data

Big data is good for streamlining your testing strategies. You can use big data to make sure that you don’t trip a spam filter.

The best way to do this is by using big data tools to study other posts. They will identify the types of link placements that have not been flagged. They will also see how the links can be structured to avoid getting flagged as well.

Big Data is Invaluable for Getting the Most of Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is an old traffic source that is still useful to this day. Big data has made it easier to get the most of this traffic. Make sure that you use it to its full effectiveness.