Insiders Cite The Wondrous Benefits Of Big Data In Fortnite

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Big data in the gaming industry has played a phenomenal role in the field. We have previously talked about the benefits of using big data by gaming providers that offer cash games, such as slots. However, more mainstream games use big data as well. Fortnite is one of the games that uses big data to offer great service to its customers.

Even Forbes Tech Council has written about the benefits of data lakes in Fortnite. They stated that other people can benefit from learning about them too.

“The internet is aglow with tales of Fortnite, the hottest online multiplayer video game around. The game’s parent company, Epic Games, processes millions of events each minute, and its mountain of data grows steadily. Processing and analyzing this data — petabytes worth — must happen somewhere. As it turns out, Epic uses a data lake for this massive undertaking. Chris Dyl, director of platform for Epic, referred to the company’s Amazon S3 deployment as its “data lake” during his talk at AWS Summit just this month. The reference is one piece of evidence that data lakes are not only useful pieces of data architecture but are also crucial building blocks.”

ZDNet has also talked about the role of analytics, cloud technology, and big data in Fortnite.


Big Data is the Lynchpin of the Fortnite Gaming Experience

If you’re new to Fortnite: Save the World, then you need to learn a lot of things. It doesn’t matter whether you have played the battle royale or not, it’s a fresh start for everyone. However, if you just bought the game to shoot down some zombies, then you are sure in for a surprise. In this mode, you will have to focus on other things instead of visiting the Fortnite item shop to buy Fortnite items.

None of this could be possible without recent advances in big data. Datanami has discussed this in their article Inside Fortnite’s Massive Data Analytics Pipeline. As they point out, the game processes 92 million events every minute. Big data has made that much easier.

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Big data has especially helped with the new Save the World Simulation. In Save the World, there are a lot of things that are not present in the battle royale mode. Many new players find it difficult to understand how things work in it. Machine learning technology has made the game more sophisticated, especially as villains become more adapt at fighting after learning from your moves.


However, we are going to explain some things that will help you with your journey in Save the World. Make sure to give this all a read because it will be worth it.

Make Sure to Complete the Tutorial

Big data is making the game more complex. You are going to need to really do your research to compete.

Think you can handle the game without going through the tutorial? You need to think again. Most players always think about skipping the tutorial because they think they can learn on their own. However, you should not rush things in Save the World and complete the tutorial. It will teach you a lot of important things and will help you with unlocking various abilities.

If you make the mistake of skipping the tutorial, you will miss out on a lot. Although you can go ahead and start playing it straight away, you will start regretting your decision in the long run.


Choose Your Hero Class Carefully

You have to carefully choose which class you will go with as these are not Fortnite items that you can simply buy. At the moment, many players believe that Soldier is the perfect hero class for beginners as it is the strongest class. However, if you are a fan of building, then you should choose to go with Constructors as they build really fast. The Outlanders, on the other hand, are known to be great scavengers.

So, you have to be really careful while making a decision of your class. You can even simply try all of them out and start progressing with the one that suits you. And don’t worry, any hero can use any weapon type.

Don’t Carry Extra Items

Big data has made it easier to store information on characters. But Fortnite doesn’t let you have more inventory, unfortunately.

Most players make the mistake of carrying extra or unnecessary items or Fortnite materials. What they don’t realize is that in Fortnite Save the World, inventory space is really limited. You should only pick up useful Fortnite item which you will need to survive. For instance, if you have a good weapon in your inventory, then you should not carry another similar weapon in your inventory.


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If you have an unnecessary weapon in your bag pack, you should recycle it. You can do this by opening your inventory and pressing the recycle button. The best thing about this is that it will give you some resources while clearing out some space from your bag pack.

Recycle Before It’s Too Late

For those who don’t know, in Save the World, weapons don’t last forever. Once they have been used for too long, they will get destroyed. To make sure that it does not go to waste, you should simply recycle any item or weapon that is close to breaking down. This will help you get some extra resources.

Many players make the mistake of keeping a weapon because it’s their favorite. What they don’t realize is that fact that it will eventually break and disappear once they use it enough. So, it is better to gain something to it than to just watch it disappear forever.


Keep an Eye Out for Treasure Chests

Treasure Chests need to be on the top of your priority list. Through them, you can get your hands on some amazing weapons as well as traps. There may be many of them placed across the map, you need to make sure that you’re the first one to get them. This is because the first player who finds a chest gets to enjoy all the goodies inside it.

If you’re wondering where you can find them, then it’s pretty simple. Whenever a treasure chest will be near you, you wear hear a unique magical voice. Either you will find them in the basement or attic, or behind some walls.

These were some tips to help you out in Fortnite Save the World. We hope that they will help you become a better player. Although there are many other things that you should keep in your mind, these are the most important ones. Grab some loot, build some Fortnite traps, choose your favorite weapons, make the best use of Fortnite melee weapons, and start shooting.


Conclusion: Big Data Has Made Fortnite One of the Most Exciting Games of 2019

Fortnite Saves the World is one of the most exciting games we have ever come across. Big data has played an important role in shaping it. You should look into the game and understand how big data has made it more fun than ever!


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