Top Big Data Advantages That Matter Now and in Future

Big Data technology is surely going to provide the best data analytic solutions, promising a better productivity to the organization.

November 4, 2017
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Big data analytics can no longer be termed as a new technology now. Today, most of the mobile app developers have understood that they need to mine their data stores to get the daily insights actively. Many big app development businesses have realized that to keep themselves updated to the evolving marketplace constantly, and big data is a must. Big MNCs such as Amazon, Microsoft, Oracle and many such big fortune companies have accepted the big data solutions to expand their businesses and provide the best to their consumers.

Predictions state that currently, the market is going to surpass $203 billion by 2020. As the year 2017 is about to end, with the growing demands, data emphasis is growing at a similar rate. In this year, the primary trends in big data kept revolving around the big data capabilities of enterprises. The mobile app developers are looking out for the best ways to analyze more data, precisely and at a faster rate. Big data has turned out to be a successful technology from the initial investments. Thus, many mobile app developers and big companies are looking forward to expanding their big data projects. Big data implementation aims to achieve even greater financial results in the near future.

With just progressive responses and financial growth from this technology, here are a few predictions and big data advantages that prove big data is going to set a benchmark during 2018.

1. Increased speed

Technology is evolving at lightning speed from basic Bluetooth connections to the big data analytics. As the world slowly accepts the new technologies such as the 5G networks, higher-speed and data analytics turn out to be the primary concerns. To build more of such real-time applications, mobile app developers need to manage the data analytics in an efficient manner.

The best solution to this is big data. It provides analysis of a large amount of data in the best way and at an unprecedented rate. Big data analysis is faster in comparison to the traditional data analysis techniques.

2. Cloud implications

Like big data, the cloud has even continued to rise. Data analysts believe that spending on the cloud-based big data analytics solutions (BDA) is worth. IDC forecasts that in future, the spending on these cloud-based BDA technologies will grow 4.5x faster than those for the primary on-premises solutions.

Many fortune companies are finding ways to implement the cloud features in their solutions. These solutions provide better analytics management and an efficient turnover. In 2018, the cloud is going to become an even bigger part of the big data. Due to this, there will be an increase in competition between the traditional analytics providers and the cloud vendors.

Technologies like Hadoop, Storm, Spark and others have already come to dominate the big data analytics. All the leading cloud computing vendors, such as Google Cloud, IBM, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure offer big data analytics products.

3. Artificial Intelligence

Investments in artificial intelligence (AI) has tripled as firms moved towards the machine learning technology, complex systems, and advanced analytics.
There has been a tough competition among the big data analytics vendors in providing the best solutions. The competition increases with the implementation and solutions such technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning provide. Over the past years, such types of solutions have influenced the market growth in a major way. Top mobile app developers are integrating AI capabilities with many applications. Next year will give a bigger picture of AI in big data.

4. High salaries

Big data skills and projects provide high pay-scales in the leading organizations working on the big data analytics solutions. Since past years, with the stability of big data in the market, data scientists and database professionals have experienced higher salary growth. Experts state that the mobile app developers who work on the big data projects will see a tremendous growth in their salaries with the increasing demand for big data.
Online training sites offer paid courses on Hadoop, Spark and such big data technologies. It is predicted that the number of enrollments is likely to increase in the coming years. The trend is likely to continue with the supply of big data experts.

5. Great Productivity

Big data comes up with many challenges. Experts suggest that organizations that successfully overcome such challenges can see a better and greater productivity. IDC predicts that in 2020, with big data solutions, organizations will be able to analyze the relevant data and deliver the best solutions. This would thereby enhance the productivity of the organization and provide benefits to their consumers and market values.
For greater productivity for any organization, it is important to identify which data is important. It is also necessary to evaluate the processes of delivering actionable insights to the consumers.

Big Data technology is surely going to provide the best data analytic solutions, promising a better productivity to the organization. It is undoubtedly the most significant achievement in the market.