InformationWeek’s “10 Most Strategic IT Vendors” Includes Teradata

March 1, 2010

I am a big sports fan, and have watched the Vancouver Olympics Games every chance I get. It energizes me to see the amazing athletes and their families get recognition for their years ofOlympic_Medals practice and dedication.


Now, while no one will confuse me with an Olympic athlete, Teradata can indeed claim some similarities, as we regularly are named in prestigious awards. Our most recent recognition was being named as one of InformationWeek’s “10 Most Strategic IT Vendors.” One of the truly great aspects of this award was being called out for the customer focus that we all work so hard to achieve every day.


“Marquee customers,” wrote Editor-in-Chief Rob Preston, “attribute much of their success to the competitive intelligence they mine through their ‘partnership’ (and that’s the word they use most often) with this leading data warehouse and analytics software…