Deciphering Value Points Of Salesforce Einstein Analytics With Big Data

We have written extensively about the benefits of big data in marketing. Louis Columbus wrote a great article in Forbes about 10 ways big data is changing the marketing sector.

The business services sector is expected to spend over $77 billion on big data in the near future. Marketing services account for the largest fraction of expenditures here.

Salesforce recently created a new product called Einstein Analytics. This is a great tool for marketers to get the most value from their existing data.

Salesforce Einstein is the Latest Breakthrough in Big Data Marketing

The power of AI cannot be underestimated these days, as the rapid technological progress calls for fast and efficient actions. These solutions need to be easier to adapt to using artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. They need to take into account the latest trends with businesses going online and the vast amount of data on the internet. This data volume is constantly increasing to the extent that it?s even not possible to estimate the amount of data points available with many brands. For this data to be valuable, it needs to be properly analyzed that?s why the data analysis tools become more and more popular.


Einstein AI is one of such tools and in this article, we will cover its peculiarities and advantages when it comes to the evaluation of massive data sets.

So, what is Salesforce Einstein Analytics? Let?s have an overview of its functionality to take full advantage of your data.

Principle of work

Salesforce Einstein analytics growth is determined by the coordination of each data analysis step. Einstein captures the data from most sources that can potentially bring some insights such as emails, calendar events, clicks, social data and even custom objects on your choice. Then, once the data points are collected, the system starts processing them using sophisticated machine learning algorithms to analyze the data to find the patterns and interconnections. After the learning phase is finished, we are ready to receive insights.

Moreover, based on the feedback, Salesforce Einstein predictions proceed developing and become more relevant. In addition to that, it is also relatively easy to incorporate Einstein into your existing products by your internal staff involvement or hiring Salesforce consulting partner who will do it for you. If you are still hesitant, check more how AI makes your business better below.


Einstein AI Analytics benefits

AI boosts the performance of all the products where it is implemented. In terms of using Salesforce Einstein Sales Cloud, your teams are able to sell better by taking instant actions on the opportunities, making better prospects and closing more successful deals using the recommendations from the analytics dashboards.

Salesforce Einstein data discovery may automatically detect the leads and assess the possibility of converting. It also helps marketers identify the most ideal time to contact prospecting clients and how to write email texts that appeal to them. This makes it an ideal assistant when sales maximization is the priority.

But sales representatives aren?t the only ones that may benefit from it. With Salesforce Einstein Service Cloud, users can optimize the customer service strategy. Your customer support department can see the urgency of the matter. They can evaluate various factors that affect CSAT, high-risk cases. Also, it is possible to track customer attrition rates and receive recommendations on how it can be avoided. Moreover, it generates a quick 360 customer view and shows the last support agents who assisted the client so that it is possible to collaborate directly from the dashboard. Leaders and managers can measure KPI effectiveness of the team and receive valuable inputs on how the work can be optimized and see who needs additional supervision. When it comes to Marketing Cloud, it also has things to offer. Implementing the Einstein discovery into your marketing campaigns, it is easier to make estimations on territorial success, assess cost over budget and measure the campaign effectiveness. Using Einstein prediction Salesforce products may bring even more fruitful results to any business that uses it.

More advantages

As a Salesforce native application, by default it is mobile friendly and taking into account the current trend to work on the go, it is any device optimized and you can enjoy its functionality and access the reports and the recommendations. Also, it is possible to get insights from third-party tools by setting up the integrations and customize the dashboards as you like. And last but not least is the amount of data it can process. One essential feature that makes you turn to Salesforce and its Einstein analytics for data operation is that the data storage is allocated separately from the file storage giving you more flexibility. The solid infrastructure provided by Salesforce to sustain large data sets, the ability to retrieve this data using SOQL queries and operate the Big object deserves respect. But there is one issue: data analysis from Big Objects. This functionality is currently not developed in Salesforce. And here comes the Einstein AI that makes it possible to report on the big data massives.


That being said, Einstein AI is a revolutionary feature that goes far beyond limited AI capacities we had to face before. Executing the recommendations provided by it boosts the productivity of all the involved teams. But as with any learning process, Einstein is developing analyzing the actions you made based on its predictions and tips and its creators don?t stop on the achieved results that?s why it?s possible to see the Einstein enhancements in almost every release note.

With the help of inbuilt Einstein AI, Salesforce is not only the brightest CRM on the market but the smartest one as well. So if there are data to be processed and analyzed, the Einstein Analytics features will impress with the relative simplicity of use and the power of the insights it provides.


Einstein is a Great Example of the Marketing Sector?s Utilization of AI

Artificial intelligence is constantly hanging the direction of the marketing sector. Savvy marketers are looking for new tools that will help them get the most value from their data resources. Salesforce Einstein Analytics is one of the most disruptive and valuable tools for reaching this goal.


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