Data Optimization Facilitates Pinterest And Instagram Marketing

Pinterest and Instagram marketing
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The marketing profession has been influenced by big data more than almost any other field. Marketers used to make decisions primarily off of conjecture because they didn?t have the detailed analytics capabilities that are available in 2019. In the age of big data, marketers are able to take advantage of much more sophisticated analytics capabilities. This is one of the biggest ways big data is changing marketing. However, marketers using some of the newer inbound platforms are at a bit of a loss. Pinterest and Instagram are two of the biggest examples. Visual social media networks are becoming increasingly popular. In 2019, Pinterest has 250 million active users. This is a significant increase from 170 million just three years earlier. Marketers are demonstrating more interest in these platforms as the user base grows. Pinterest and Instagram are accumulating a lot more data on their users, which makes it easier for marketers to reach potential customers.

Marketers embrace the benefits of big data with Pinterest and Instagram

Marketers can significantly benefit from using big data

to optimize their strategies on visual social networks. However, some of them have dragged their feet doing so. The problem is not that big data can?t help marketers optimize their strategies on these visual social media platforms. Data is actually incredibly helpful. The real issue is that marketers are trying to figure out how to develop their strategy and understand the insights from big data at the same time. Fortunately, once marketers are able to outline their strategies appropriately, they can utilize big data for maximum benefit. Here are some ways that big data is changing the way that marketers can reach customers on these social networks.

Using machine learning to develop more engaging pictures

Creating content for Instagram and Pinterest is a numbers game. Most experts will admit that only around one out of 100 of their images will take off. However, before they get too discouraged from this seemingly dismal statistic, it is important to keep in mind that the odds of certain pins going viral is higher than others. Shrewd marketers will monitor the performance of different posts to see patterns. Once they have identified the best performing posts, they can start creating similar ones to maximize their odds of success. However, this process can be rather overwhelming. Fortunately, new advances in machine learning have made it much easier. Stencil is an online tool that uses machine learning to help marketers develop more engaging images. Stencil and similar image generation tools can continually track the preferences of different marketers and recommend new images accordingly.

Big data helps with keyboard analysis on these platforms

Keyword analysis is another very important element of any marketing strategy. Big data is vital to keyword analysis. Marketers have leveraged data analytics with the Google Keyword Planner for years. This tool is useful for expanding reach on other networks as well, such as Pinterest and Instagram. However, it is not as useful as the internal search engines these platforms use. Most people search for content with internal search engines, so it is important to use their own keyword analytics data. Pinterest has its own keyword analysis tool. Smart marketers use it to their full advantage. They can see the monthly search volume of different keywords, so they can focus on them to get more reach.

Learn to Expand Your Audience

Smart marketers understand that getting more views is an important part of the process. They can use big data to get more insights to grow their audience. Even if they plan to buy Instagram likes, they need to make sure that those likes are actually going to be of value. This means that they need to do their due diligence and monitor the reach and engagement of the accounts they are coming from.

Deal with Future Trends

One of the biggest challenges with any social network is coming to terms with new trends. The types of content that is popular at any given time could be stale in a few years. The good news is that predictive analytics makes it much easier to forecast trends and prepare for them. This helps marketers using Pinterest and Instagram make sure that they have a stock of content ready to be published when those new trends go into effect.

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