More Brands Use AI Driven PPC Strategies For Optimal Exposure

AI and PPC marketing
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Pay per click advertising has changed the forefront of digital marketing forever. Social Media Today reported that advertisers spent $10.1 billion on Google AdWords in 2017 alone. However, even the most experienced PPC advertisers don?t appreciate the AI technology behind these platforms.

Artificial intelligence is playing an invaluable role in all forms of digital marketing. However, AI is especially important in PPC advertising such as Google AdWords. If you understand the nature of AI in PPC, you will be able to create more effective campaigns.

The best marketing companies understand the role of big data and AI. You can find a PPC company that knows how to use big data effectively in their paid search marketing campaigns.

The Proliferation of AI in Google AdWords and Other PPC Strategies

Last year, Search Engine Land?s Frederick Vallaeys wrote an article on the AI technology behind PPC. Here are some ways AI is transforming PPC:

  • Machine learning tools help you identify the bids that are going to get the most traffic.
  • AI can predict the CTR of future ads, as well as the impact on quality scores.
  • A growing number of advertising networks are using historical data to predict the likelihood of a conversion from a given customer.

Machine learning and predictive analytics are changing the field of PPC in fantastic ways. You should keep this in mind while optimizing your campaigns.

PPC expert Loren Baker talked about some of the strategies that you can use to merge AI and PPC and SEO. He said that you can use AI to come up with higher quality visuals, create intelligent audience profiles and hold intelligent conversations. The first point is especially important, since 23% of web searches are for images.

Benefits of Using AI in Your PPC Strategy

Boosting your online presence is challenging, particularly if you are a smaller business that is just getting established, but it is not impossible. You can utilize an AI-based PPC strategy to boost your online presence easily. In this article, we are going to look into a number of ways that PPC can help to boost the online presence of your business in 2019.

Instant Results

One of the main benefits to a pay per click Essex service is the instant results that you gain from paying these initial prices. Due to the adverts begin placed at the top of the Google SERPS, there is an increased click-through rate that would take considerably longer to obtain through a traditional SEO Campaign. This is beneficial for small businesses that are looking for instant results as you will see the click-through rate increase within the first month if the campaign is set up properly.


Quality Over Quantity

In addition to instant results, the quality of the traffic you are gaining can also be more valuable depending on the keywords that you have decided to target. If this is the case, this can benefit your online presence as it will boost visibility and increase the E.A.T score online. Though this will take a combination of both SEO and PPC, which will benefit your business substantially. In addition to this, PPC can be used to boost brand awareness for your business as you will appear for specific keywords on Google. If your website is then easy to use and helpful to the customer, you can then gain popularity and boost your brand over the course of the camping.

Can Work Alongside SEO

PPC and SEO work extremely well together to create the ultimate campaign for your business. Though not every business is the same, PPC and SEO combined can help you appear in local search, as well as optimize your content to appear much higher in SERP rankings in order to gain organic traffic. These two means of marketing combined with technical modifications can help to generate traffic and increase visibility online throughout the course of a 3-6-month campaign.

Completely Customizable

The final reason that PPC is beneficial to boost your online presence is that you have complete control over the budget. Whether you are looking to spend a large amount or a smaller amount, you are in complete control as this all contributes to the success of your campaign. If you are looking to target a number of keywords, then keeping your budget quite high, will help you to maintain spending and be able to target every keyword that you wish to target. Though this does take time to get right, the finalized budget can be monitored and altered accordingly to get the best possible result.

Whether you are looking to implement PPC immediately, or you are looking to make a few simple changes to an existing campaign, you can have the results you want regardless of the size of the budget that you have. Where will you begin when implementing your PPC campaign.


AI is the Key to Successful PPC Campaigns

AI has changed the direction of digital marketing. A growing number of PPC experts are using AI to get better ROIs and more visibility from their investments.

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