Sean Mallon

Sean is a freelance writer and big data expert with a passion for exploring the depths of information that can be extracted from massive datasets. With years of experience in the field, he has developed a deep understanding of how data can be harnessed to drive insights and make informed decisions.
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Which CMMS Solutions Use Predictive Analytics Capabilities?

Predictive analytics is changing the role of maintenance management. Unfortunately, some older…

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Predictive Modeling And Big Data Are Insurance Industry Powerhouses

The insurance industry is mainly based on prediction and it’s characterized by…

Sean Mallon Sean Mallon 8 Min Read

4 Ways to Boost Social Media Engagement With Big Data

Big data has played an incredibly important role in social media branding.…

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Google Search Algorithms Use Big Data for Multilingual Latent Semantic Indexing

Google has perfected its ability to execute web search results for its users…

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Big Data Proliferation and the Growth of Robotic Process Automation Certification

The field of robotics predates big data by at least 40 years.…

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Can HR Professionals Use Big Data After the GDPR?

The Global Data Protective Requirements (GDPR) went into effect this month. The…

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