How Data Mining Tools Break Through Misconceptions To Optimize SEO

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Big data is playing a prominent role in SEO. Most experts talk about how Google uses big data more effectively, but there are also plenty of ways that marketers use it as well. This one reason why data mining tools are so important.

Big Data is Making SEO Professionals More Confident

When people perform searches on Google, they choose to click on the first few results that appear on the first results page. This means that online business owners have to figure out a way to boost their rankings in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Google appears to be using fear mongering to ensure that people stop using some of the SEO techniques that work.

There are a number of ways that they done this. One of these examples is when Matt Cutts, the former head of web spam prevention, brazenly claimed that “guest blogging was dead.” They also claimed that press releases don’t pass PageRank or help websites rank higher for specific keywords.

However, people that did experiments have shown that some of these claims are propaganda at best. But other claims are more difficult to substantiate with hard data.

Fortunately, there are new big data tools that make it easier for marketers to dispel some of Google’s claims. One of my colleagues used a tool called Backlink Watch to monitor the anchor text used in backlinks to several websites. They found that these sites actually ranked better when they used anchor texts in their content 60% of the time, despite the fact that Google claimed that this was something that would be penalized.

Another big data tool has made it easier to identify what does and does not work in SEO. Having solid, empirical data to back these conclusions helps them make better informed decisions.

How Does Data Mining Help With Seeing Through Google’s SEO Fear Mongering? Here is an Example

One of the Search Engine Optimization techniques that had proven to be working perfectly in the past was getting other websites to link to another website’s content. This signified to Google that the website whose content had been linked to having high-quality content and hence resulting in better ranking. Recently, Google appears to be using fear to fight this technique.

According to Google, they want to make sure that websites with poor content, but use spam links to rank high in the SERP, don’t rank highly anymore. Google claims that it will penalize the website using what appears to be spam, external links, and the website hosting the external links. It is worth noting that some websites with great content can get linked to by spam websites without their knowledge.

The big question online business owners are currently asking themselves is whether there is a way to keep getting results without having to worry about Google’s fear mongering.

Read on to find the answer to this question.

Online business owners are usually busy. Hence, it may be tough for them to have time for the activities involved in data mining SEO. For such online business owners, it is possible to use SEO for eCommerce websites services. Using such services will allow these business owners to concentrate on other aspects of their business while not ignoring their Search Engine Optimization.

Using Data Mining to Get Results as An Online Business Owner

If Google’s fear mongering is getting to you as an online business owner, you will be happy to realize that you can get better results using data mining SEO. Simply defined, data mining SEO refers to analyzing huge data sets to discover new niche opportunities and unveil new traffic patterns. After discovering the new traffic patterns and the niche trends, you will be in a position to market your product or service to people who will be interested in it.

Some of the things involved in data mining SEO include:

  • Getting relevant data from tools like Google Analytics.
  • Analyzing this data to try and identify abnormalities in the traffic and conversion patterns.
  • Understanding what the abnormalities you identified mean for your business.

Data Mining SEO Can Save You from Google’s SEO Fear Mongering Stress

If your business is largely dependent on your ranking high on the Search Engine Results Page, Google’s fear mongering can stress you. However, you do not have to be stressed. You can turn to Data Mining SEO. When done right, Data Mining SEO can offer you better results than you got using other SEO techniques. If you don’t have time for data mining SEO, you can get someone else to help you.

Final Thoughts: Data Mining Makes SEO Much Easier

Doing SEO isn’t as easy as it used to be. The good news is that we now have access to higher quality data mining tools that can help us identify the best approaches. Data mining is a huge benefit to SEO professionals around the world.

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