Anand Srinivasan is the founder of Hubbion, a suite of business apps. The Hubbion Project Management app was ranked among the top 20 in its category for 2017 by Capterra.
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Is Your POS Plugged To The Cloud?

In my previous article, I talked about the need for retail point…

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How Marketing Can Be Better Automated With Big Data

Marketing automation is the next big thing. In mid-2013, Salesforce announced the…

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Handling the Information Overload in Marketing With Big Data

With sophisticated tools to capture every little movement and activity of customers…

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Why the Next Gen Retail POS Needs Big Data

Online retail in the United States is expected to reach $400 billion…

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3 Reasons to Learn and Use Google App Engine

While some people say you can find anything you’re looking for on…

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Big Data in Automobiles: Use-Cases for Today and Opportunities for the Future

Location analytics is a big thing in General Motors these days. A…

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Business VoIP: Could B2C Applications Overrun Enterprise Focused Services?

In a recent quarterly earnings call, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook…

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DevOps Professionals’ Survey Shows Salary Trends & Job Security

DevOps, or the practice of operations and development engineers working together throughout…

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HD Voice and the Future of Voice Communication

According to a recent study published by MarketsAndMarkets, the high definition voice…

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A Look at How Keyless SSL Works

Secure Socket Layer, or SSL for short, is one of the key…

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