Anand Srinivasan is the founder of Hubbion, a suite of business apps. The Hubbion Project Management app was ranked among the top 20 in its category for 2017 by Capterra.
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What Is Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) And Should You Care?

Given the number of software products and solutions being packaged as-a-service today,…

Anand Anand 4 Min Read

Better Marketing With Big Data

Marketing strategies are not just about crafting the right message for the…

Anand Anand 5 Min Read

The Economic Impact of Cloud Goes Beyond Business Cost Savings

RingCentral published a report last year in conjunction with Forrester that looked…

Anand Anand 4 Min Read

Understanding Virtual Technology and the Benefits of Virtual Networks

If you want a network virtualization platform with security features that will…

Anand Anand 6 Min Read

Using Cloud and Big Data to Augment Your Sales Numbers

The cloud means different things to different people. For IT, it is…

Anand Anand 5 Min Read

How Big Data Is Revolutionizing the Credit Scoring Industry

Assessing the loan-worthiness of an applicant is no easy task. Credit scores,…

Anand Anand 4 Min Read

Why the Future of Digital Asset Management Hinges on Big Data

Cloud storage business has truly taken off in the past couple of…

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Optimizing Health Care With Big Data

For big data enthusiasts, healthcare is a goldmine for disruption. Right from…

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Can Big Data Help You Manage Your Workforce Better?

We have seen big data being deployed in a variety of industries…

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Is Risk Assessment Using Big Data the Future?

On Deck is not yet another run-of-the-mill business money lender. This is…

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