5 Data-Driven Amazon Ads Ideas to Skyrocket Sales

Use big data to get more value out of your Amazon ads strategy.

data-driven amazon ads strategies
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Data-driven business ideas are becoming more important than ever. A growing number of companies have found that big data is the key to reaching more customers.

One of the most important benefits of big data in business is with marketing. We previously touched on a number of ways companies use big data for their marketing. One issue we didn’t talk as much about was using big data for Amazon Ads.

Using Big Data to Squeeze More Value Out of Amazon Ads

Amazon is one of the most trusted e-commerce sites. The company uses predictive analytics and other big data tools. Its customers can leverage the same technology.

If you want to succeed on Amazon, you need to use Amazon Ad Services like a pro. Big data can help considerably.

1. Use Data Analytics to Find Longer Keyword Phrases to Target Consumers Who Are Ready to Buy

We have previously talked about the benefits of data analytics and machine learning for keyword research. The same principles apply with using big data to do keyword research with Amazon marketing.

Long-tail keywords help your ideal customers find you. The Amazon website acts as a data intensive search engine. Its users look for products they want to buy. By using precise, niche keywords, you can attract customers looking for your product. For example, a longer keyword phrase such as black coffee mug sets of 4 with saucer would reach more targeted consumers than a keyword like black coffee mug set.

2. Diversify Your Amazon Advertising Strategy With a Personalized Sponsored Brand

Amazon Sponsored Brands placement option is a great way to improve brand awareness with your target audience. On average, it takes five to seven interactions with a brand before a potential customer makes a purchase. A 2019 survey by Edelman showed that 81% of consumers buy from brands they trust. Establishing your store as a recognizable name in your niche is a sure-fire way to build that trust.

Amazon advertising services have another advantage, though; they appear above other products in Amazon search results.

How does big data come into play? You can use content personalization, which relies heavily on machine learning.

3. Use Data Analytics to Find Keywords Using the Customer Search Term Report

There’s nothing worse than paying for keywords that aren’t converting. Amazon’s Customer Search Term Report is a useful data tool that can help you filter out all the keywords that aren’t bringing you any traffic or clicks. You can use the “spend” filter to detect keywords that bring in the least number of sales and adding those to your negative filter. Negative keywords eliminate words and phrases that aren’t relevant to your product, brand or audience. Tagging negative keywords reduce the amount of wasted ad spend while ensuring your ads are put in front of your target audience.

4. Audit Your Campaign with the Advanced Amazon Ad Placement Report

One secret every Amazon Ads pro knows is the importance of tweaking campaigns. Not only can it save money, but diving into your data can also help you focus on placing your ads where they are most useful and gain the most out of every ad you run. The Amazon Ad Placement Report enables you to identify which ads are both well-performing and cost-effective.

5. Diversify Your Big Data Advertising Strategy to Drive More Traffic to Your Store

Amazon advertising is undoubtedly an excellent tool for driving customers to your store. However, it shouldn’t be the only tool in your box. A solid outbound marketing strategy should incorporate a mix of advertising campaigns outside the Amazon platform. Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Pinterest and email marketing are great ways to drive more traffic to your Amazon store.

Another method to convert more is through optimizing your store’s landing page. The best ads still won’t convert if your landing page isn’t up to standard. Incorporating your brand’s aesthetic, logo and a link to your website can help you stand out from competitors. Using a clear call to action and creating scarcity can also increase your conversion rate.

Big Data is the Key to Better Value with Amazon Ads

Amazon Ads rely heavily on big data technology. The data-driven marketing tips listed above can go a long ways.