3 Essential AI And Cloud-Based Tools Modern Business Needs To Thrive

Take a look at these essential AI and cloud-based tools that modern businesses need to thrive, and consider getting them for your business.

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Artificial intelligence and cloud computing are changing the direction of modern business. Countless entrepreneurs are discovering the benefits of AI in their business models.

The market for AI technology was $39.9 billion last year. It is growing at a phenomenal pace of 42.2% a year.

But what AI and cloud-based tools are in the greatest demand among business owners?

How AI and Cloud Technology Are Disrupting SMEs

Modern businesses have access to thousandsof AI and cloud-based tools that can help them communicate better, connect with customers easier, and take collaboration to the next level. With so many tools available, it can sometimes be difficult to narrow down the ones you needin order to thrive, so we’ve done it for you.


Each of these tools will help fulfill a vital function of the business, from social media management to communication and everything in between. This is the ultimate guide for the modern business! Keep reading to learn what it takes to thrive.

Project Management Software

CognitiveWorld published an article in Forbes last year about the growing reliance of AI in the arena of project management. AI is making it easier for project managers to forecast challenges that they face. This is why machine learning and other AI algorithms are embedded in modern project management software.

The old days of managing projects over the phone or via endless email chains are long gone. With project management software like Monday.com or Asana, your projects will be more streamlined than ever; and you’ll never miss another due date. With intuitive interfaces, project assigning and tracking, easy due date management, and calendar integration, project management software is nothing less than a necessity for large or small teams.

Some of the benefits of AI-based project management software include:

  • More streamlined projects
  • Clearer due dates and expectations
  • Better team communication
  • Easier collaboration and file sharing

AI has made it easier to solve all of these challenges. If you’re not using project management software, there’s never been a better time to give it a try! It’s especially effective with remote teams. You can unify your entire workforce under one software program, and communicate, collaborate, and deliver all from one interface. That’s as efficient as it gets!

Cloud-Based Conference Calling Software

Cloud technology is becoming more vital to communication between organizational stakeholders. Countless VoIP tools rely on the latest cloud technology.

Speaking of communication, you’re going to need an effective conference calling tool to stay in touch with your employees and clients during quarantine. Are you tired of the same old landline conversations? Improve the quality, security, and efficiency of your calls with tools like Vast Conference. Conference calling tools allow you to meet with anyone, anywhere in the world, at any time of day; all from the safety, comfort, and social-distance-friendly space of your home or office.

Aside from HD quality audio and video feeds, many conference calling tools also offer call recording and cloud storage, screen sharing capabilities, support for hundredsof callers, and more. COVID-19 has pretty much made these tools a necessityfor both individuals and businesses, and if you’re not utilizing them, you’re missing out on a great opportunity!


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool that relies extensively on AI. You might not see it at the frontend level, but artificial intelligence is incredibly important for determining the demographics of visitors, forecasting trends and resolving other challenges.

Take measure of your advertising ROI and web traffic with Google Analytics. This tool is truly a necessity for any business operating online or running a website. The software is utilized by millionsof websites across the globe and is one of the best ways to get a clear picture of how your ads are performing as well as who’s visiting your site.

Analytics can be integrated with Google Ads to give you the best chance of reaching your desired customer base via web-based advertising. In conjunction with social media accounts, it can be the most powerful digital tool at your disposal. The bottom line? Every modern business should be using Google Analytics, or, at the very least, some form of web traffic analytics tool. Google is one of the best, though.

CRM Software

Customer relationship management software, or CRM, is an important tool that businesses should be utilizing to improve their business and customer relationships. AI has made CRM technology much more robust. Storing customer data is a fragile and extensive process, so you’ll need to do it securely and effectively. Providing real-time client data, CRM software can help you get to know your customers better even when they’re not in your store.


CRM software usually contains contact information, account details, transaction details, and all relevant data about sales opportunities. This makes the process of handling customer data simple, efficient, and secure.

Social Media Manager Software

While social media might be one of the most important digital tools for the modern business, managing several accounts at once can be tedious and frustrating. This is where social media manager software comes in, like Hootsuite. With Hootsuite, you’ll be able to manage all of your accounts from one app, schedule and manage posts, and much more.

Hootsuite can also help you handle your social media marketing campaigns, so you can rest easy knowing you’re choosing the right ads and the right platforms to successfully reach your target audience.

Cloud Storage

The days of physical drives are fading slowly into the past. With cloud storage, file storage, collaboration, and sharing are easier and more secure than ever. Cloud storage can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, and some storage services even allow for real-time collaboration (like Google Drive).


No longer will you have to worry about passing files through email chains or physical thumb drives. Everything is stored in the cloud, and most modern software actually features cloud capabilities to make storage and functionality that much better. Most businesses are switching entirely to cloud storage already! It’s more cost-effective than paying for physical drives and the space to store them, and a more secure solution overall.


AI and Cloud Technology Are Revolutionizing Modern Business

Artificial intelligence and cloud technology are incredibly important in the future of business. They are becoming essential when it comes to addressing many challenges entrepreneurs face, especially during quarantine. The AI and cloud tools listed above should be highly valuable.

Jamie Davidson is the Marketing Communications Manager for Vast Conference, a meeting solution providing HD-audio, video conferencing with screen sharing, and a mobile app to easily and reliably get work done.