The 4 Es of Social Media Strategy

May 4, 2010

In which Jill dons the chapeau of Reluctant Social Media Strategist and shares lessons learned.


The conversation goes like this:

Client: “We need to analyze our social media data.”

Me: “Cool. What’s the desired outcome?”

Client: “We need to get active with social media.”

Me: “Yes. But what’s the need, pain, or problem?”

Client: We need to analyze our social media data.”

Discussions like this happen in business all the time, and they’re not exclusive to the topic of social media. But show me a company that’s vague about the drivers for a new initiative and I’ll show you a company that doesn’t have a solid strategy in place. And that goes for social media, too.

As our clients engage with us more and more on social media analytics, we’re noticing that there’s a natural progression of maturity. We’re also doing more coaching around social media strategy to drive related data strategy and governance efforts. Apart from the usual platitudes of “getting closer to employees, partners, and customers via lower-cost channels” it turns out very few business leaders can answer my question about the desired outcome of social media analytics.

In our experience, there