100 Ways to Measure Social Media

April 5, 2010


Social media marketing continues to be a hot topic, as does the question of how to measure it. Like other engagement efforts, it’s important to determine the effectiveness of your initiatives.

David Berkowitz, Senior Director of Emerging Media and Innovation for agency 360i, compiled a great list of 100 ways to measure social media. While this list seems overwhelming at first, Berkowitz says, “Some entries here can be interpreted several ways. Depending on how you define them, some of these metrics may seem redundant, while others may seem so broad that they can be broken out further. Many of these can be combined with each other to create new metrics that can then be tracked over time.”

Here’s the list, followed by the slides Berkowitz created from the list for the Promotion Marketing Association’s Blur event in Chicago where he gave a talk in their digital track about metrics.

1.     Volume of consumer-created buzz for a brand based on number of posts

2.     Amount of buzz based on number of impressions

3.     Shift in buzz over time

4.     Buzz by time of day/daypart