The Social CRM Process

April 5, 2010

I’m speaking at the New Communications Forum in a few weeks on Social CRM and I’ve been doing a bit of researching and thinking around this topic.  I wanted to give all of you a sneak peak at some of the ideas and concepts that I’m going to be presenting, starting with the one below.  I’ve had a bit of a hard time coming up with a name or a title for what I wanted to call this but in the end I settled for “The Social CRM Process.”

I’ve already noted a few mistakes/changes with my image.   Bob Thompson recently posted a discussion around whether or not you can do social CRM without social media/networks.  Afterall social CRM is a strategy and as Bob mentions it’s important to separate the strategy from the technology.  My image below doesn’t make it clear that you can do social CRM without social media/networks since the entire image is based around online data from social spaces.  Bob, if you’re reading this would love your 2 cents.  The listening tool which I highlighted below is of course purely social media and online based, however I neglected to put things in such as customer surveys, phone calls that customers put in, angry letters