New Features of CRM that has Revolutionized Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365

After Microsoft Dynamics has been launched officially, everyone is having eyes on his new features. Perhaps, there are many new features introduced of CRM for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Many of them are available for both on-premises and online as well. These fully integrated tools are helpful for marketing, operations and sales to boost up the productivity of your business. In this blog post, we are going to discuss the top 10 new features of CRM for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

1. Outlook Client

However, the integration involving the Outlook client and the Dynamics CRM have always rigid, Dynamics 365 have taken such integration to another level. With this, working has become more efficient as you don’t have to track your emails, tasks, appointments and not even have to leave your inbox. Dynamics 365 effectively sustains Outlook for its web application, Windows, and Mac along with the iPhone support coming soon.

2. Editable Grids

This feature allows editing record easier and faster than ever. Edible Grid offers affluent inline editing for sub-grids and the main views. Also, it includes dragging columns, grouping and JavaScript and more. Also, it supports, editing of in-grid record at the sub-grid or entity level, mobile clients, keyboard navigation, filtering, web clients, filtering and more.

3. Relationship Insights

The new relationship Insights “Assistant” tracks are available on any device and that can be useful for easy interaction and communication with customers. Once when an assistant collects all data from the communications, it reveals opportunities, manages your emails, and guides you with your daily work while identifying actionable messages. Being an assistant, it analyzes your interactions and communications, creating a series of action cars that offers customized controls, links and information. Apart from this, this feature also drives email engagement and offers content choice templates along with suggestions based on the reply rates as well as historical open rates.

4. Relevance Search Enabled tool

This is an effective search tool that offers you with instant results from different entities by the means of relevance. Perhaps, this is a much improved new tool used to find match for any sort of words or keyword in any tool enabled to Relevance Search. With the filter and facet support, it becomes easier to get the search results with no filtering the search terms again and again. The search results you will get include matches of associated word forms automatically. Also, this feature removes the requirement of using wildcards.

5. Site Map Designer/Application Module

These terms are the carrier of deploying and packaging views, dashboards, forms, entities, and flow, of a business process. With the accessibility to granular level provided, users can only view specific form, view or site map that you have added in each App Module you have made. App Module also gives you an opportunity to create advanced targeted applications by using the functionality of drag and drop.

6. Visual Process Designer/ BPF Designer

This is also a drag and drop designer accessible in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Visual process designer can easily create rules and flows you need, as its capabilities include, an ability to call up workflows, timers and suggestion bubbles. This feature helps in creating task flows, business rules, and process flows of a business. The visual process designer helps in maintaining branches and stages of a process and setting rules for the process flows.

7. Learning Paths

This tool has amazing authoring capabilities for making custom help practices for the end-users. Moreover, this feature can be customized, relying on the job functions, or departments of the users. Also, it can be localized in a wide range of languages. The meaning of customized help is that users can work easily at their own comfort and learn new business processes and features, make acquainted themselves with them.

8. Power Business Intelligence

As companies are looking for the better ways to make right decisions related to any facets of the daily operations, Business Intelligence has become an important tool. Microsoft Power BI has become a leader here. Being an enhanced feature, you can embed complete dashboards in reports and advance them or can add titles to dashboards and create a real-time and interactive visualization.


With every new release, Microsoft comes with some amazing and useful features in MSD 365. Perhaps, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM always tries to bring customer engagement and a seamless customer experience through a smooth service based sales approach.

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