Why AI Technology For YouTube Marketers Is Viewed As A Godsend

AI and YouTube marketing
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AI is becoming more important in many areas of marketing. AI is used by 61% of marketers to identify trends, while others are finding even more brilliant AI applications.

A growing number of YouTube marketers are starting to use AI to get a higher ROI. What are the benefits of artificial intelligence in video marketing? How can tools that rely on machine learning get more leverage from your video marketing strategy? We provided some great examples below.

The Evolving Role of AI in Video Marketing

Keeping an active YouTube following is probably a lot harder than you can imagine. This is especially true since there are so many content creators on the platform. The saturation of video content has made it harder than ever to carve out space for yourself and be successful.

However, due to the overwhelming size and success of the YouTube platform, it is still one of the best ways to make money on the internet, provided of course that you go about it the right way. AI technology has proven to be an invaluable addition to every YouTube marketer’s arsenal.


This article will help you identify a few methods you can use to keep listeners and viewers engaged with AI. We will also talk about ways to use AI technology to ensure you build a good subscriber base.

Keep Your Viewers Engaged with AI Tools

The most important thing you need to do is keep your viewers engaged. YouTube relies heavily on AI to deliver content, so you need to maintain decent engagement metrics to keep your content at the top of the feed.

The newest YouTube algorithms put a great deal of value on the average time that a person views your videos, gives it a like or dislike, and comments. A more engaged viewership is more valuable to you, YouTube, and the advertisers.

However, creating engagement can be rather challenging, even if you have the right tools and a decent general idea on how to proceed. Nevertheless, there are some common tips and tricks you can use with AI:

  • Try to be unpredictable: keeping your viewers’ attention to the video constantly is an exceedingly hard job. This is even harder today, since there are a lot of other websites, apps, and social media platforms that are trying to constantly draw your viewers’ attention to them. One thing you can do to make sure your viewer always pays attention to your videos is by being unpredictable and interesting. Most YouTubers have a certain format they use to create videos, and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, you need to break out of the format once in a while and always keep your viewers on their toes. This is one of the areas where AI can be very helpful. AI technology allows you to find news ways to engage with your audiences.
  • Interacting with your viewers: one of the most unique things about YouTube is the fact that it allows content creators to interact with their viewer base. This is in sharp contrast to traditional TV and it is arguably one of the platform’s greatest strengths. That’s why you definitely need to plan out ways you can interact with your viewers. There are, of course, the traditional approaches. You can consider doing a Q&A, replying to comments, live chatting with your viewer base to name a few. All of these are really important, and any YouTuber that wants to succeed should be doing them. Aside from these, there are more niche ways you can interact with your community, but these largely depend on what kind of YouTuber you are, and what type of videos you create. For example, if you wanted to have an active e-commerce platform and make sure your viewers buy your stuff, you can use a startup like fourthwall.com to send custom messages to your viewers whenever they make a purchase. If you’re a YouTuber that relies heavily on merch, this can be an excellent choice that will increase your sales.  The good news is that AI tools make it easier to monitor users, so you can interact with them better.  A lot of these tools use complex machine learning technology to gauge their general perceptions, so that you can respond accordingly.

Take a Data-Based Approach to Content Creation

Learning what your users want and how they’ll react to your content is a necessary step to becoming a successful YouTuber. You need to take an evidence-based approach and incorporate data into each step of content creation and marketing.

  • When introducing a new style of content or using a new camera or effect or whatever, you need to ensure you know exactly how your viewers react. That’s why you need to keep the data of viewership time, dislike/like ratio, number of shares per 1000 views, and much more. You can use these data points to help you figure out if the changes you are making to your format are positive or negative.
  • Learning how and when to expand: no matter how happy you keep your viewers if you don’t learn how to effectively increase your viewership. You can do that by learning about your viewers – their age, their occupation, their location, etc. This helps you figure out the demographics your videos are appealing to the most, and you can go from there and try to attract more people of the same demographic. You can do this by either doing ads targeting said demographics or doing partnerships with fellow YouTubers who share similar viewers. There are a lot of ways to increase YouTube subscribers and attract viewers once you learn who your videos appeal to.

AI is the Key to a Successful YouTube Strategy

Artificial intelligence is becoming more important in the digital marketing profession. You need to look for new ways to utilize this technology, especially with YouTube marketing. A lot of marketers have discovered ways to use AI to boost their SEO strategies, but YouTube works with similar algorithms, so AI tools can be just as effective.

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