Which CMMS Solutions Use Predictive Analytics Capabilities?

predictive analytics
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Predictive analytics is changing the role of maintenance management. Unfortunately, some older systems haven’t incorporated big data solutions to streamline their performance. This is a major frustration for maintenance teams that understand the value of a sound predictive analytics-based CMMS.

Fortunately, the CMMS tools that utilize predictive analytics are open about their functionality. This makes it easier for you to find the right CMMS infrastructure for your organization.

Well, a lot of maintenance departments find themselves reacting to break down once they’ve happened. Well, this is costly and consumes your time and energy.

Instead, you need to develop a plan that helps you avoid this breakdown in the first place.


The best way is to choose the best maintenance software that meets your needs.

In this article, we’ll look at tips to consider when choosing your CMMS Solutions. Have a look.

  • The Size of Your Business

What’s the size of your firm? Are you a start-up business or an established corporation?

Knowing where you fit in the market helps you understand and choose the best software.


If you’re a small firm, looking for a simple record keeping and work order software, you’ll not necessarily need a system that comes with thousands of features.

Well, if you’re a running a growing company, you do want to invest in a system that’ll be rendered obsolete in a year or two.

Take your time to determine where you fit in the market. In this way, you’ll be confident about buying the best CMMS Solutions for your firm.

  • Check the Usability, and Training of the System

How useful are the CMMS Solutions you buy? Can you effectively train your employees and maintenance experts on how to use the system?


Even if you buy a complicated and huge system, it’s of no use if you don’t have a competent staff to use it. Before committing your dollar on the software, you’ll need to see how easy it is to set the system, make configurations and run it.

Well, you also need to check the availability of materials to teach your workers on the system. The content needs to available before, during and after the implementation of the system.

  • Check the Price

Another primary consideration to make is the price of the system. Well, the CMMS Solutions is a long-term investment. As such, you need to check the costs and inflows of the system in a long-term perspective.

These are some considerations to make about the price you choose.

  • the annual subscription costs
  • the upgrading costs
  • the training and support costs
  • Value of integrating data with other systems in the enterprise.

Assess the Modernity of the System

Technology is dynamic, and it’s growing every day. When purchasing software, you need a system that’s adaptable and flexible enough to change with time.

If you want to determine whether the software you purchase will change with your firm, look for the following.

  • Cloud-based system

The cloud-based system takes away the hassles and struggles of implementing an on-site maintenance software. It gives you a solution that’s readily accessible on the internet.

It has fewer costs and updates data automatically.

  • The Mobile Based System

Almost every person of a majority owns a mobile phone today. This means that there’s lots of floating hardware around for different companies to leverage.

The best way to realize results is by using a mobile app. Well, the mobile apps are designed to let technicians submit work on these apps.

The mobile maintenance systems use productivity codes like QR to scan the entire maintenance history.


Predictive Analytics is the Future of CMSS

CMSS technology is evolving, largely due to advances in big data. Big data has enabled CMSS developers to introduce new predictive analytics features that were never possible before. Customers need to do their due diligence and find the right CMSS applications to leverage these big data capabilities.


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