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A Confederacy of Data Defects

One of my favorite novels is A Confederacy of Dunces by Joh

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How Does Predictive Analytics Work?

 Understanding the basics of predictive analytics is as easy as saying your…

Brett Stupakevich Brett Stupakevich 5 Min Read

Learning About Data Visualization

Even though there is an art to visualization design, it stands to…

Jim MacLennan Jim MacLennan 4 Min Read

The Data Quality of Dorian Gray

The Picture of Dorian Gray was a 19th century novel written by…

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Data Quality Magic

In previous posts I explained that, at least in regards to data…

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What Does a World-Class BI Program Look Like?

I was asked this question last week at an internal meeting for…

Timo Elliott Timo Elliott 13 Min Read

Data Quality is not an Act, it is a Habit

The Second Law of Data Quality states that it is not a…

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How to analyze unfamiliar data: circle, dive, and riff

When you come face to face with unfamiliar data, how do you…

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Visualization Methods

I thought this was worth sharing….Periodic Table of Visualization Methods.  It shows…

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