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What Does Data Quality Technology Want?

During a recent Radiolab podcast, Kevin Kelly, author of the book What…

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A Confederacy of Data Defects

One of my favorite novels is A Confederacy of Dunces by Joh

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‘Tis the Season for Data Quality

‘Tis the season for getting holiday greeting cards, and not only from…

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Data Governance and the Social Enterprise

In his blog post Socializing Software, Michael Fauscette explained that in order…

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The Data Outhouse

This is a screen capture of the results of last week’s unscientific…

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DQ-Poll: Data Warehouse or Data Outhouse?

In many organizations, a data warehouse is the only system where data…

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Podcast: Data Governance is Mission Possible

The recent Information Management article Data – Who Cares! by Martin ABC…

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Quality and Governance are Beyond the Data

Last week’s episode of DM Radio on Information Management, co-hosted as always…

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