The Role of Big Data In The Promotion of eLearning Courses

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We have talked extensively about the role of big data in marketing in previous articles. However, most of our articles relate to the use of big data with traditional marketing channels, including older digital marketing outlets.

There are a number of new channels that use big data as well. Push notifications are among them. Hacker Moon wrote an article on the role of big data with push notifications. They pointed out that even major brands like Alibaba have been relying more on push notifications these days. They have optimized their campaigns with big data technology. Other bloggers have wrote that big data has helped increase the ROI of push notifications by up to 800%.

Big data can be especially important with creating push notifications for the eLearning industry.

Utilizaton of Big Data and Push Notifications for eLearning Promotions

The eLearning industry is set to become a $325 billion industry by the year 2025. It has made its mark in every nook of the world. That is great news for the industry, without a doubt. However, for eLearning course developers and companies, this means their market is raising the bar of competition every year.

Big data has long been lauded as the future of this industry. One of the overlooked but highly valuable applications of big data in elearning is with push notifications to promote courses.

Every niche content developer has only one goal today. They want to reach their customers at the right time to milk the demand for the need for good online courses.

Conventional wisdom suggests that the only way to reach your target customers is through the magic of several marketing tactics. However, there are only a few ways to ensure that your message reaches your audience at the right time. One of such methods is through push notifications.

Push notifications can be App-based, Browser or web-based. Each of these options operates in slightly different ways. In this article, we will focus on Browser notifications.

If you have not yet adopted this highly effective marketing strategy and do not know where to start, here is a brief eLearning browser notifications guide for your benefit. You should make sure that you know what data is available to you and make the most of it.

Read on.

The Objective, The Message, And The Time

Determining the why, the what, and the when is the most important step of building up a push notification strategy. Big data can play a role in all of these areas.

  • The objective of your plan can be any goal that you assign for engaging with your audience. It could be to get them to sign up for a new course, check out a newly released eBook or make a purchase. Big data can help you learn more about your customers to create the right goals.

This will help you in understanding the design for your notification’s CTA and communicate better.

  • The message will be your key to writing the perfect copy for your push notifications. The subject matter of your campaign is a crucial component. Machine learning technology can help you see which messages work the best and craft it around them.
  • The time  is the element that helps you maintain an organized strategy and only send push notifications at an appropriate time. This includes keeping the account of time zones and customer satisfaction.  AI helps find the times when most people convert and assign it for the best conversions.

The Opt-in trigger 

One of the biggest differences between web-based and app-based push notifications is that web-based push notifications solely depend upon user’s consent. Big data may be very useful, but you have to get the users to buy-in to it.

When a visitor on your website and checks on “allow” for receiving your browser push notifications, you will be able to send your messages.

To increase the chances of getting a user to agree to see your push notifications,  you should follow these tips.

  •  Fixing the right trigger for the opt-in form to pop up. This is crucial for the visitor satisfaction. This is important for a variety of reasons as well. When visitors are bombarded with opt-in popups as soon as they land on a new website, they are most likely to opt-out of them all without reading. They should get enough time to survey your website for relevancy before seeing an opt-in form.
  • The best option is to either set and action-based or a time-based trigger for these forms. For instance, you can either set a time limit for user activities before popping up the form or it can be based on certain pages where user-activity will mean higher chances of conversions.

Some of the best pages for setting up a trigger are:

  • Your most popular blogs
  • The pages which see maximum traffic
  • Website sign-up form pages
  • Your valuable assets, like, Infographics, eBooks, guider, etc.
  • (If applicable) Checkout page

Copy and Call to action

After setting us the right trigger, you must pay attention to the welcome message. Writing a creative copy for all kinds of push messages is important to make your brand memorable enough for the subscribers and visitors. Your data will be useful without the right message.

The same goes for the CTAs of your push notifications.

With the help of the right words and the right CTAs in your push notifications, you could

  • Re-engage your old learners with the help of new facts or information recently added to your courses
  • Encourage a visit from subscribers through something exciting like new tests or quizzes.
  • Augment their experience with free eBooks or important articles.
  • Promote other/new courses to people who have completed one course.

Finally, push notifications have the power to work very effectively and show you instant results, especially with the right data on your customers. All you need to do it get creative with them so that your visitors never forget you.

Big Data is Invaluable for Push Notification Marketing in the eLearning Industry

Big data is clearly the future of the eLearning industry. One of the most important benefits of big data is with push notifications.

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