New Data Tools Offer Sales Boosting Opportunities For Remote Working

Big data has created numerous new opportunities in the marketing profession. The benefits machine learning and big data are creating are becoming clearer than ever during this massive pandemic.

The harsh reality of today’s COVID-19 pandemic is that it affects everyone. For some, it has led to the tragic loss of their beloved ones. This is one area where big data is becoming more helpful. Harvard Business Review reports that a number of big data tools are being used to combat the crisis the virus has created.

There are other problems that big data can help with as well. For many people the biggest concern is losing a job and not being able to support their family.

If you are a business owner, you’ve probably noticed a serious drop of revenue by now. Unless, you are operating in a food delivery, remote team communication or other pandemic-resistant industries, you might’ve already searched for a proven solution to get your sales figures back to where they’ve been before the crisis or at least stop them from further declining further.

The good news is that new big data tools are helping drive sales. Let’s take a look at some measures you could take to improve this situation. 

Humanize your customer care

You should consider improving your customer service with big data and machine learning tools. You should know 54% of all consumers say that they have higher customer service expectations than they did just one year ago.

This is one of the most important ways that big data can help. Personalization relies on machine learning to create a better user experience.

We are social creatures and during the time of self-isolation, we need to hear a human’s voice more than ever. Interesting fact, Verizon claims to handle 800 million wireless calls a day during the week these days. This wasn’t possible before big data made it easier to serve them.

In comparison, during Mother’s Day, which is historically one of the busiest call days of the year, this number is usually twice as low. What does it mean for your business?

Go human. You can use big data to do this, but you can’t rely on entirely automated systems. Forget about chatbots and automated conversations. If you’ve done the live chat support before, consider providing customer care through a phone system. Our tool of choice is RingBlaze, as it lets your customers call your business while browsing your website. Big data has made this possible. Hear your customers out and they’ll reward you with loyalty and support your business in difficult times. 

Automate your sales process

Big data has also played an important role in streamlining automation. Automation is becoming more important than ever for many businesses.

While everything related to customers has to be humanized, when it comes to repetitive tasks, there are things that could be automated which will dramatically improve your productivity. This is one of the biggest selling points of big data in 2020.

 If you are still sending your proposals in Word or PDF making your clients print, sign and then scan, you are missing out. In 2020 sending a business proposal doesn’t take ages and certainly, doesn’t require your clients to jump through the hoops. With digital signatures that every modern proposal software has as a built-in feature, your clients can use big data tools to sign everything online in just a few seconds. 

A great proposal software usually provides you with a wide variety of templates that you can easily edit and tweak to fit your needs and clients’ expectations. The great thing about these tools is that you can actually save some parts of the texts, a particular blog or even an entire page in the content library to insert them in the future proposal when needed. Generally, having a proposal template in place saves you a tremendous amount of time while writing proposals. This way, you can spend more time with a client over a discovery session finding out her pains and needs rather than desperately cobbling bits of your earlier proposals trying to make it look nice.

Optimize your website for conversion

Big data is also very important for website optimization. You’ve heard that dozens of CRO before, but maybe you haven’t gotten around it just yet. Well, it’s probably about time to consider it. What could be done to get more people signing up via your website? First off, think of adding a touch of social proof. Let people see the companies you’ve worked with before and make sure they don’t have to scroll endlessly to get to that list. Put it right in front of their eyes along with a couple of great testimonials showcasing how you were able to help achieve results. 

Imagine you are at a food court and none of the vendors ring a bell. Which one would you choose? I bet you’d go for the one with a good line of people. It works pretty much the same way for online. But instead of a line of people, you can show a pop up saying that someone just bought a product from you. Here’s a great list with more ways to implement social proof on your website. 

Big Data is Crucial for Boosting Sales During the COVID-19 Crisis

During the time of crisis, business owners have to double down on big data tools. They need to know what works and get rid of what doesn’t. Big data makes this easier. Consider optimizing your website for conversion and adding social proof. Think of humanizing customer communication as much as possible while automating your day-to-day routine. Keep your business afloat, stay healthy and safe.

Sean is a freelance writer and big data expert. He loves to write on big data, analytics and predictive analytics.