How to prioritize your digital marketing

You need to start by elevating the importance of your digital channels – email, mobile, and social. Don’t go digital only because it is cheaper than other channels, do it because you can track, adjust, and respond swiftly.

In most companies there is an imbalance of resources – there are more people assigned to support offline initiatives and so much more is expected from digital.

You need to assign resources to support your digital endeavors.

You have to focus on transactional messaging – it is important and the consumer expects it in real time.

‘You sent it; did they receive it?’ Don’t gauge your success on sending messages, you should measure your success based on messages received by your consumer.

Leverage social media to listen, learn, and find. Grow your list, grow your influence, and stay engaged.

Optimize your messages by looking at what you are sending, by segmenting, by testing, and by writing good copy. If it is one to one – make every message count!

— Many thanks to Ashraf Arafeh for sharing the picture of his pet camel 🙂