How Big Data Can Help Create Demo Videos That Make Their Mark

how big data can help create demo videos
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Big data has been very useful in marketing. Brands spend $57 billion a year on big data solutions. There are countless ways to use big data in marketing. One approach that few people are aware of is the benefit of using it for video marketing. A couple years ago, we talked about the ways big data is disrupting video marketing. All companies should use big data to perfect their video marketing strategies. One of the best ways to do this is by using it to create a demo video.

Big Data is Great for Video Marketing

What is a demo video? It can simply be defined as a product video that explains how something works. The popularity of demo videos continues rising every passing day. It is not in vain. There is something that video marketing has overuse of plain text and images. The role of demo videos is to convince people to buy products that will give people solutions to their problems. Big data intelligence is great for creating videos. It can help with the design, understanding customer mindset, and much more. Many video development tools are able to cultivate data to improve their presentations. The world is going mobile. What this means is that consumers will do almost everything from their mobile phones and tablets. That includes window shopping, actual shopping, placing orders and even making payments. Online platforms present endless opportunities for businesses. They also offer an arena for effective marketing. Consumers have been empowered thanks to big data. Before they decide to purchase your product, they will; go through the content posted on your website, go through your blogs and videos to get their hands on as much information as they can. How come demo videos have the power to make you so many sales? Statistics have shown that social videos for a fact generate 1200 percent more social shares than text and images combined would. You know what happens next: more shares, more traffic, more leads, and more sales. Other studies show that 64 percent of users will buy a product after watching a video. Big data helps optimize video marketing campaigns to reach these customers more effectively. The reports above show how powerful demo videos are in marketing. Wondering if creating demo videos will be worth the while? While the following are some of its benefits that will answer your question.

1. Builds trust

Consumers are skeptical, especially when it comes to products or services that they are yet to interact with. Remember that the objective of having the product in the first place is meeting the consumers at their point of need. But how sure can they be that the product will do for them what it promises? That is where demo videos come in. There is no better way than showing the clients step by step what the product can do for them. You can prove to the customers that the product can generate the desired outcome by taking them through the process. It is, however, important to note that you have to create quality demo videos for this to be effective.

2. Showcase the benefits and key features of the product

While there might be other forms of selling like traditional marketing, it is not every day that you will get the chance to use one stone on two birds. Demo videos will give you the opportunity to effectively communicate with your audience in regards to the benefits they should expect from the product and the specific features and the role they will play in solving a problem. All this can be done through a demo video and at the same time taking the shortest time possible.


3. A great way to introduce new products to existing clients

It is much easier for someone to click on a link that will take them to a really lovely demo video that explains everything regarding a product in a short while. Demo videos have the edge over text and images in email marketing. Remember that the client is probably at work going through emails from his/her clients. They may not have to read three paragraphs of text trying to explain to them what the new product will do for them. Demo videos will do it straightforwardly and effectively. They are more likely to grab the attention of the consumers and are also less invasive.

4. Saves time and money

Some products will need demos. You need to explain to consumers how to use the products to solve their specific problems. What that means is that if you do not have demo videos for the products, you will need to use other means to demo the product. Well, this might not be cheap. More so, to reach out to all the targeted customers and show them demos will also take loads of time. Thanks to demo videos, you can reach to multitudes of people using the least resources regarding time and money. You will not have to pay salary to a sales team, give them allowances when they are on the road, organize for accommodation if they are going out of town and many other expenses.

5. They are measurable

Demo videos will give you access to loads of data that you can use to renovate your demo videos, improve your product and create better marketing strategies. You can use analytics tools to know how many people watch your videos and how many find them helpful. Also, they will put you in a position where you can improve how you do a demo for your product. Also, if you work with an analytics tool, you will be able to know if your efforts are worth the while. Demo videos do not always mean that you need to send aware your entire sales team. No. they are there to boost your product demos further. You can use them to train your team, and they can facilitate your sales representatives when explaining what the product is about to the clients. The importance of demo videos is marketing cannot be ignored. You also need to understand that it is vital to even plan for a product demonstration video. While creating them, keep in mind the audience that you intend it for and where you also intend to post it.


Big Data is the Key to Creating a Great Demo Video

Demo videos are great for honing your brand message. You can use sophisticated data tools to make high quality videos that resonate with customers.


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