Global SMEs Adopt New Business Intelligence Initiatives During COVID-19 Crisis

Business intelligence is helping companies survive the pandemic, but they must know what solutions to invest in.

business intelligence during COVID
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In response to the global Coronavirus pandemic, businesses are adopting a series of new, innovative digital technologies. Business intelligence is emerging as a new point of differentiation to help them stand out amongst their competitors.

As a business owner, you likely know the importance of adopting new solutions to remain competitive in the ?new normal.? Using the best business intelligence technologies, you can reduce the spread of COVID-19 while helping your business remain profitable.

Of course, adopting these data-driven solutions can make you more resilient in the face of a global pandemic or any other significant threats. Plus, these technologies have a long-lasting impact reaching far beyond the Coronavirus. Read on to learn more about businesses adopting innovative new data technology amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Document Sharing & Collaboration Tools

Business intelligence has changed the nature of company engagement in countless ways. One of the most important changes has been through facilitating collaboration between business owners and employees. A growing number of new tools rely on data analytics to promote better communication between organizational stakeholders.

When you need to quickly collaborate with your team, document sharing systems are a must. Using advanced file sharing and collaboration tools, you can ensure that everybody can work together on the same version of documents in real time. This has become fundamental to help you foster teamwork, improve organization, and increase workplace productivity during COVID-19.

Of course, these solutions use new data-driven insights to help you to keep track of tasks, manage reporting, reduce storage and security costs. To help your businesses get back on track and remain productive during the global pandemic, consider the importance of innovative document sharing and collaboration tools.

eCommerce Business Intelligence Software

eCommerce software is a fundamental solution for business owners looking to remain competitive and profitable during the global pandemic. Simply, eCommerce software is the engine that powers any successful online store. These tools have sophisticated business intelligence capabilities to provide a greater advantage to e-commerce clients.

Using these analytics tools, you can easily manage inventory, forecast sales, calculate taxes, and monitor order fulfillment. Naturally, these systems help you streamline administration, improve customer service, and generate new leads through search engine visibility. Moreover, these business intelligence tools empower you to remain open 24/7, create markets for niche products, and instill targeted customer communications. If you are the owner of a brick-and-mortar shop, installing an eCommerce platform allows you to overcome geographic boundaries, improve customer and employee safety during COVID-19. Consider using these platforms to start your own eCommerce business today.

Conference Call Services

Any business that needs to facilitate remote meetings with multiple participants during COVID-19 can benefit from using conference call services. These tools are a fundamental solution if you are managing remote workers or multi-site locations. The newer versions have sophisticated business intelligence capabilities, so you can glean more meaningful insights from your meetings. You can use their analytics to make better assessments from your discussions.

In addition, you can use these systems as a great way to give excellent presentations or professionally communicate with clients. Certainly, these solutions eliminate the physical distance between voices, eliminate business travel, and reduce the cost of renting conference or meeting rooms.

Depending on your business requirements, there are available solutions that support G Suite users, instant calling, webinar-hosting, and virtual business phone systems. For example, if your meetings require high picture and audio quality, consider integrating a business video conference call service for your organization. To bolster your communications and enhance productivity during the global pandemic, invest in professional conference call services. The data from the discussions can be excellent for bolstering productivity.

Project Management Tools

Analytics is more important to project management than ever before. Project management tools can help you effectively coordinate projects with remote workers during the global pandemic. These advanced analytics tools are widely used to assist businesses in planning, scheduling, documenting, evaluating, and many other tasks required for successful project management.

Surely, these solutions help you enhance task delegation, manage risk mitigation, and balance resource management. In many cases, these solutions even allow you to accurately forecast your pipeline, manage your budget, and improve reporting. Startup project management tools are a pivotal solution to help your business remain competitive, organized, and profitable during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Cybersecurity Systems

Big data is absolutely essential to modern cybersecurity. A survey from 330 participants from 50 countries found that big data is becoming used more heavily in their company’s digital security strategies.

With the rise of remote workers accessing sensitive business data for unsecured, virtual environments, there has been a growing need for reliable cybersecurity systems. Effective cybersecurity solutions are pivotal to protect your platforms from the threats of digital attacks of malicious hacking. At a minimum, your business needs to be using Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), multi-factor authentication, and real-time security monitoring tools. However, you may want to additionally purchase cybersecurity software, employee monitoring systems, and multi-point network backups to further strengthen your IT infrastructure. Needless to say, using these systems can provide digital protection for your business, personal info, and productivity. Moreover, cybersecurity solutions can prevent your website from going down and inspire stakeholder confidence.

Businesses are adapting several innovative technologies to remain successful and competitive during the Coronavirus pandemic. When you need to quickly collaborate with your team, document sharing systems are a must. In addition, installing an eCommerce platform allows you to overcome geographic boundaries, improve customer and employee safety. At the same time, invest in professional conference call services. Moreover, project management tools can help you effectively coordinate projects with remote workers during the global pandemic. Furthermore, there has been a growing need for reliable cybersecurity systems during the outbreak of COVID-19. Follow the points highlighted above to learn more about businesses adopting innovative new digital technologies amidst COVID-19.

Business Intelligence is Invaluable During the Pandemic

Companies are facing more challenges than ever during this unprecedented pandemic. Business intelligence is helping these companies maintain an advantage in this time of crisis.

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