Game Changers




Las Vegas is best known for its flashy casinos on the Strip. Visitors love these places but tourism being what it is, there’s not a lot of repeat business.

Attracting a local clientele to more than 18 properties—mostly off the Strip—and driving regularly visits throughout the year requires a solution Station Casinos’ CIO, Scott Kreeger calls “game changing.”

Station’s Boarding Pass loyalty card tracks gaming activities, hotel stays, restaurant purchases and such, then rewards customers with points. But how does Station know which customers out of millions are really the most valuable? And what they could do differently to improve customer satisfaction and profitability while reducing their own costs? They ask the Total Guest Worth system.

The system combines and analyzes information about customers and the business from about 500 different sources to provide a view of the complete value chain. This lets Station be smarter in building promotions and highly targeted campaigns—smart enough to save $1 million per month. Plus, total monthly net slot revenue is up 4% and guest retention improved by 14%.

Kreeger, says in his Teradata Magazine interview, “With this solution in place, we can develop [those] new services quickly and efficiently, and adapt them in near real time as customer needs and behaviors change.”

In the high-stakes world of customer loyalty, Station Casinos is not only changing the game, it’s winning it.