Five More Top Data Visualizations that Persuade

Last summer, we discussed the increasing popularity of data visualization to communicate complex information in business and media.

Last summer, we discussed the increasing popularity of data visualization to communicate complex information in business and media. The trend has exploded and since our first post on this topic, we’ve seen the launch of several visualization communities and I’ve seen regular listings for data designers on job boards (especially contractors).

Here are five top examples of data-driven infographics that speak to how you can visualize information to persuade:

Facebook’s Timeline – Infographic Inspired


In Facebook’s upcoming major redesign called Timeline, the inspiration began with two infographic designers named Nicholas Felton and Ryan Case. Well known for their data-driven designs, the duo joined the Facebook team in April of this year. According to, Felton’s annual report designs were a major inspiration in the site redesign. The persuasive factor of the new Timeline is that it stands to impact the rest of the web’s info presentation from scrolling down the screen to a more tablet-friendly horizontal, tiled layout. Here’s a video demo of the new Facebook profile design that’s set to hit your profile in the next two to four weeks.

How Men And Women Make Buying Decisions

The thought process of a woman persuading herself to buy something is on target and entertaining, but what’s persuasive about this infographic is the trigger words at the bottom of the each image. has compiled a list of the top triggers to get a buyer thinking about a purchase. Use these words in your marketing and hello persuasion.


thedifferencebetweenmenandwomenthoughtprocessofbuying 4e613937272a2 w550 photo (data visualization)

Persuading the “Techies” 

If you’ve got a computer science degree and tech development skills, get ready to be persuaded. Apparently, there are two or three jobs for every computer science grad, according to an MIT professor quoted in this persuasive infographic from, an online course provider. This visualization shows just how much persuasion is going on in the tech industry. For instance, when laid off 25 employees last year, almost all of them were snapped up by big tech brands including Groupon and Twitter. The perks are high and so are the salaries. Anyone need a career change? This infographic may persuade you.

infographicwhoiswinningandlosinginthetechtalentwars 4e612e2057927 w525 photo (data visualization)

Does It Really Cost More to Die?
Not only does it cost more to live today with record gas prices and healthcare costs, it also costs more to die. According to this infographic designed by Gerardo Obieta (@g_obieta), several reputable resources including CBS News, the National Association of Funeral Directors and the Federal Trade Commission say you need to save more for your demise. The average casket and funeral (not including the plot) cost you an average of $10,000. Simple cremation costs right around $1,000 and includes the urn. The numbers are persuasive to say the least, but we’ll leave it up to you to make this final decision.

Theincreasingcostofdying 4e24afb696e00 w525 photo (data visualization)

How CEOs Spend Their Day
This infographic from Inc. shows how a CEO’s time is divided over 24 hours. From a persuasive point of view, the CEO has to be judicious in the way she spends her day to make sure all audiences (employees, customers, family, etc.) are served. This infographic also shares some insider viewpoints on CEOs’ personal preferences – cereal, wine, driving. Anyone smell a marketing campaign? And now we all know how little time the boss really has for herself.
day in the life inc 500 ceo photo (data visualization)
Stay tuned to the Spotfire blog as we’ll be bringing you a monthly roundup of the most persuasive data visualizations.